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  1. That sounds wonderful! I can't tell you how much I appreciate how helpful you've been. It is indeed our first trip to Barcelona so any information that you can provide would definitely be useful and appreciated!
  2. Thanks so much and the pictures were awesome! Very beautiful!
  3. Thanks so much for that information!
  4. Thank you for the wonderful information! Would you know anything about the area around the CASP74 apartments? I have searched the forum but don't see any reference to them. Their map shows that they are a block south of the Gran Via between Placa Catalunya and Placa Tetuan. Would that be a decent area?
  5. Has anyone ever stayed at the Casp74 apartments? They have a really high rating, but when I searched the forum I didn't see any reference to them.
  6. Thanks everyone! I was wondering about whether or not we wanted to be close to Ramblas and you answered my question.
  7. Hi all. We will be visiting Barcelona for the first time next May - 3 days/2 nights pre-cruise. There are 4 of us - 2 adults and 2 20 year-olds and we would like to all stay together. I've noticed that most of the hotels only accommodate 3 adults (although we are considering the family suite at Hotel Jazz) and was considering an apartment from VRBO, Airbnb, etc. I know very little about Barcelona and would like to book in an area that was safe for our two kids to walk around and sight-see on their own. What would be the very best areas for me to look for? I've been reading through all of the forums, but at this point I feel like I'm drinking from a proverbial fire hose in trying to sort it all out. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
  8. Wow, that's a great idea! It's so simple, and yet I never thought about it...but, I do seem to have a tendency to over-complicate things unnecessarily. LOL Thanks so much for responding (and for saying I'm an awesome parent too! 😄).
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check them out!
  10. Both of ours are casino offers. Right now they are showing divided per person on each cabin. The reason that I wanted to be sure to change the names around properly is so that my DH and I can use the higher amount of OBC for our adult beverages. The kids won't be able to use it and it would be wasted on them. Getting duplicate keys wouldn't really help.
  11. Thanks! So did they actually change the names on the cabin folio when you switched? If so, I won't have to worry about the OBC.
  12. Anybody know how easy it is to get an Uber in Aix back to Marseille?
  13. Hi all. I'm platinum, but I've never done this before so please forgive my ignorance in advance. My DH and I will be travelling with our 19 year old daughter and one of her friends on a cruise in November. As they weren't eligible for any discounts, we booked the rooms with one of us in each room along with one of the minors. My DH used an offer that included $400.00 on-board credit, and I used one on the second room that had $100 on-board credit. The plan is to go to guest services and switch cabins around once we are on board (not just ask for an extra room key). My question is this - after we switch cabins, will the on-board credit from my husband's cabin then be assigned to me or will it still be assigned to my daughter? (I wasn't sure if the folio was changed when the switch was done or if they simply re-keyed the sail and sign for the new cabin number). As the on-board credits are split between each passenger in the cabin, I wanted to make sure that the $200 would transfer over to me once we switch. It wouldn't be an issue but my husband and I use our on-board credit to pay for our alcohol and it would be wasted on the minors who can't drink (and aren't able to order drinks for us). Like I said, I've never been in this position before (never even had to switch cabins) so I'm honestly just not sure how it works. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks so much for this information! I use them all of the time here in the states but for some reason I never even considered using Uber for transportation there. I think our best option is to take an Uber directly from the cruise port to Aix and back. Do you know if we can expect an Uber to be readily available for transportation back to Marseille from Aix? I can convince my DH to do this as long as I can reassure him that we won't have any trouble getting back to the port in time.
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