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  1. Are you required to book with their "non-discounted" travel agency ?


    If that's the case then it's not such a great deal.


    You can book your cruise however you like - either direct with Princess or through any travel agent you want to use. You simply need to use the card to pay for the cruise to get the 2% reward on the cost of the cruise. I have used the same TA (one that discounts) for over 12 years now and have had the Princess credit card since they came out with it. I have saved a lot of money on cruises with it.

  2. Thanks for the answers about the different amounts of OBC for varying lengths of cruises. In our case, on a 15 day cruise the $250 OBC works out to $16.66 per person/day. It seems that keeping the package will be a much better value for us since a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, a pre-dinner drink and a couple of soft drinks a day will easily go over that.

  3. The sofabed is not a full size sleeper, it is more of a twin size. And not all full suites have the drop down bed above. I believe it is only the Vista Suites that have them. If you have your heart set on a full suite you might want to think about booking that and an inside nearby to get around the capacity controls. If your children are small enough you may be able to still sleep two on the fold out couch and one on the drop down bed. This might be less expensive than a family suite.

  4. I have been on a number of cruises where LeHavre is the final port before disembarkaton in Southampton and there have always been people disembarking in LeHavre because they have post cruise plans in France. On one of these cruises we found out the day before our planned port call in LeHavre that it was being cancelled due to a dock worker's strike. Those planning to disembark there had to scramble to make alternative plans from Southampton. On another cruise, the dock workers waited until we were docked before going on strike and not letting anyone out of the port area. They went as far as throwing incendiary devices at the tour busses (filled with passengers) lined up to get out of the port. It was a bit scary. After 4 hours and a lot of negotiations they finally let people out of the port.


    As others have said, clear it with Princess and I would also recommend having plan B in place in case of missing the port.

  5. I booked a cruise last month under the "sip and Sail" promotion. We were planning to sail with three other couples and didn't have the date carved in stone yet (one couple was waffling on the entire thing). Since I didn't want to lose out on the sip and sail promo I went ahead and called my TA to book it but made sure to ask before booking whether the deposit was refundable in case we needed to change dates. She told me that it was refundable for that promotion and said that typically it is promotions that offer free gratuities that have non refundable deposits. I don't know how accurate that info is, but she does a lot of Princess bookings.

  6. I don't know how important it is to you to go into the park at Denali but I thought you should know about the Denali tours offered into the park. The Natural History tour lasts 3-4 hours and goes only to mile 17 or so of the park road. The Tundra Wilderness Tour lasts about 8 hours and goes to mile 50 something (I think). If you want to see the wildlife in the park, chances are slim that you will see anything on the Natural History tour as the wildlife is generally deeper into the park. The last time I was there we did the Tundra Wilderness tour and saw caribou, Dall's sheep, brown bears, and wolves as well as small game.


    The reason I am pointing this out is to make sure you have time for the longer tour if you only allow one night in Denali if the wildlife viewing is important to you.

  7. Has anyone had any problems with sending the form and documentation by snail mail? I used to fax it but with our recent move to California we no longer have a land line so I can no longer fax from home. I asked my husband if he has fax at work and he said they no longer have it since they just email everything. So it is either snail mail or I take it somewhere and pay a couple of bucks to have it faxed.

  8. They may have lost an hour of their work day, but for some of them, like cabin stewards, they don't lose any tasks that have to be done. If you have 18 cabins to make up, you still have 18 cabins -- just now, you have one less hour. Or else one less hour for your afternoon down time.


    Losing an hour's time in the middle of a precious sea day is so wrong, I'm really in awe that people are actually in favor of this.


    Your point is valid, but the crew seemed to prefer that over losing an hour of sleep each night. And for the passengers, losing an hour of a sea day isn't that big of a deal when you have 6 sea days in a row as we did on the transatlantic. If I were on a cruise where there was only one time change I would prefer it to be at night, but for a 5 hour time difference over the course of 8 sea days (and one port day between those sea days) I really liked the daytime time changes.

  9. I was also on the Emerald TA where the time change occurred at noon. At first I thought it was rather strange, but it actually worked very well. I didn't feel any cumulative effect as the cruise went on at all. We still woke at the same time each day. It also makes much more sense for the crew and staff. Instead of losing an hour of sleep (which they definitely deserve, considering how hard they work) they lost an hour of their workday.

  10. We where on the emerald across the Atlantic too, did miss the shampoo bottles, the in shower dispensers felt a bit cheap to me. We did a b2b so where on the 10 day Caribbean before hand, strange thing was on the transatlantic we received an elite bathroom amenities but not on the 1st leg, we did switch cabins but why that happened I don't know.


    I was also on the Emerald TA and I did not get the elite bathroom amenities but quite honestly there isn't anything in those that I really use or miss so I didn't bother asking for them. I'm sure if I had asked my cabin steward would have supplied them. As far as the soap goes, I asked for an extra bar and stuck two bars together for the shower. They stayed stuck together and that worked well for me. I can see the practicality of the smaller bars since it generates much less waste from used bars being discarded at the end of the cruise.

  11. I just disembarked from the Emerald's transatlantic crossing yesterday and we had a promotion featuring the free specialty dinner, as did all of our tablemates at our table in the traditional dining room.


    We were given a reservation in the Crown Grill, which is what I was hoping for as I had not tried that in the past. It was fantastic, and we both felt it was worth paying the $25 cover charge to eat there again in the future (and I am a cheapskate who does not believe in paying extra for food onboard when I am happy with the dining room food).


    One of our tablemates got the day mixed up on his reservation and realized that they had missed their assigned day and time. He was able to speak to the maitre'd and was given a new reservation so they were able to take advantage of the promotion.


    And BTW, I was given the $50 OBC for this promotion right away on my stateroom folio, so if we had not used the reservation I would have had the $50 applied to my general onboard charges.

  12. While the aft Vista suites are wonderful, if you don't want to spend the extra $$$ for a full suite you might want to look at an Emerald deck minisuite. There are not very many of them, and they often sell out quickly because they have fully covered balconies. They are above a lounge but others have reported noise problems only with the last two cabins on the port (even numbered) side.

  13. To clarify even further, for the last several years Princess has had one ship based in Southampton that they market heavily to Brits and Europeans. That ship will have a drinking age of 18 while all other Princess ships in Europe (that are not as heavily marketed to the Brits and Europeans) have the regular Princess drinking age of 21.

  14. Thanks. I faxed it on Saturday. It's not showing yet, but I will keep watching. Hopefully I don't have a problem because my brokerage statement does not have our name on each page, only the account number. I sent the cover page with our names and the page that shows we own the stock and blacked out all but the last 4 digits of the account number on both pages. I'm hoping they will accept this as proof of stock ownership.


    For anyone else in this situation, what I did worked. My credit was applied today.

  15. I have stayed in D736 on the Grand and it is a fantastic suite. The only difference between a Vista suite and a penthouse suite is that there is a desk in the living room area of the penthouse suite and you do not have that in the Vista suite. That being said, the difference in size is hardly noticeable.


    The Owner's suite is considerably larger than either the Vista or Penthouse suites and has a dining table in the suite but also comes with a much heftier price tag. Chances of price drops on full suites are extremely slim.


    And the aft balcony is so sheltered that you may find yourselves spending more time out there than you think you will.

  16. Yes, the ahareholder OBC shows on the cruise personalizer.


    Thanks. I faxed it on Saturday. It's not showing yet, but I will keep watching. Hopefully I don't have a problem because my brokerage statement does not have our name on each page, only the account number. I sent the cover page with our names and the page that shows we own the stock and blacked out all but the last 4 digits of the account number on both pages. I'm hoping they will accept this as proof of stock ownership.

  17. I just faxed mine today but I discovered that my brokerage statement does not have our names on each page and it was not on the page that showed the CCL stock. I faxed the cover page of the statement with our names and made sure the last 4 digits of our account number were on both pages. I hope that will suffice.

  18. Unless it has changed in the past three years, Princess insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Yes, it would be covered under the cancel for any reason, but I believe they give you credit toward a future cruise when you do this rather than refunding your money.


    My mother battled cancer for 4 years before she passed away and we cruised together each year during that time. We ended up going with a third party insurer that covered if we had to cancel due to her cancer as long as we bought the insurance within 2 weeks of booking. Their other requirement was that she be medically able to travel when the trip was booked.


    Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing different insurance options.

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