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  1. Can underage minors be left at the waterpark or must an adult be present at all times? I know an adult has to purchase a pass in order for them to have one, but my sister would rather not spent her entire day there. My niece and her cousin will be 16 at the time of our sailing. They are already pretty mature teenagers and are more than capable of being responsible at a waterpark for a few hours without supervision. Are there any rentals such as floating mats and snorkel gear on the island? Is there any way to reserve those things? If not, where do I go on the island to get them? So many questions with much more to come, thanks for any help!
  2. Thanks everyone! I'll call the general customer service number, it sounds like this has happened to at least one of you and it was resolved. And sorry for asking about the PVP number, forgot it was against the rules.
  3. Carnival cancelled my cruise (Radiance in August). They gave me the option for the FCC with OBC or to cancel with a 100% refund. I received a phone call from a PVP to help me, but I accidently deleted the message. No big deal, I went online and chose the 100% refund option with the realization that the refund would take awhile. I opened my email this morning to find a message from Carnival stating that they are sorry I cancelled my cruise, and because of that I will be penalized my non refundable deposit. Part of it will be FCC and the rest of it is a loss. I would understand this if I backed out, but they are the ones who cancelled. Ugh. I'm not happy right now. Anyone have a PVP phone number they are willing to share? Or some advice?
  4. Carnival cancelled my cruise (Radiance in August). I chose the 100% refund option. Not only have I not received my refund, I received an email stating that since I cancelled my cruise, I won't be receiving my non refundable deposit back. Is this right? Anyone have a number other than the generic 1-800 that I could call?
  5. Thanks for sharing his response. I just don't want to be stuck on another cruise headed somewhere we have zero interest in going. I guess I will be joining the wait and see crowd 🙂
  6. We are a group of eight: my 15 year old niece and her 16 year old cousin, my sister and her fiance in their 30's, me in my 30's and my husband in his 40's, and my parents in their 60's. My mom is active but my dad has some physical limitations. I'd like to find a tour similar to what we did on Aruba. We piled into a van and took a tour of the island's points of interest and picturesque views, then had a few hours at the beach before being returned to the cruise ship. I would like to take us all to St. John for this, but would stay on St. Thomas if something fit our preferences. Any suggestions?
  7. Boo, I'm super bummed. I must have been looking at old plans when I booked. Thanks for the information!
  8. I could swear that Wonderland was supposed to be added to the Oasis during refurbishment but it's not listed anywhere now. I was so excited about going to dinner there too! Have I lost my mind?
  9. I'm going to start with a little back story, as everything I'm worried about now has a base in my short past with Carnival. During the fall of 2019, my husband decided he wanted to go on vacation for his birthday in February of 2020. We booked a cruise to Cuba with Carnival. It was our first booking with them. Then the laws changed and we were no longer allowed to cruise to Cuba. Obviously not Carnival's fault. However, it seemed like the other cruise lines were offering generous cancellation or rebooking options, while Carnival had offers for bookings through December of 2019. After that, you were out of luck. We had made a non refundable deposit. Ultimately, our overnight Cuban cruise turned into a fairly expensive Bahamas cruise with a stop in Nassau. Regardless of who made what decisions, that is what we were stuck with. We made the best of it - we took full advantage of the perks included with our spa cabin and enjoyed Half Moon Cay. We decided to give Carnival another chance, and booked a cruise to Bermuda out of NYC on the Radiance for fall of 2020. Radiance refurbishment - halted due to COVID 19. NYC - COVID 19 hotspot. Again, not Carnival's fault. However, we don't trust them to help us. I received an email stating that we'd know their decision by today, but I have yet to hear anything. Honestly, I fully expect them to stick us on another ship to a random location without any other choice. Their contract says they can. I'd really like to try and stick the wait out to see what's going to happen, but my uneasiness with Carnival is nudging me towards cancelling now. Any constructive opinions or thoughts for this anxious traveler?
  10. Thanks everyone! I didn't know that the daybeds came with loungers, so two day beds might be an option. If we get on the island early and snag some loungers and umbrellas, we might be good for free. Thanks again!
  11. There will be eight of us on an upcoming cruise with a stop at Cococay. I'm looking at the excursion list and I see cabanas and daybeds for rent. The daybeds won't work for our group, and the cabanas only come with two loungers. Is there an easier/inexpensive option to have some shade and be near each other? Maybe clamshell rentals? Also, will we be able to rent floating mats and snorkel gear once onboard? Or will we have to wait until we arrive at the island and hope they aren't sold out? Thanks for any insight - the island has changed so much since we were last there (in 2003!).
  12. My husband and I are talking about booking one of those overnight Bermuda cruises (2 half days, one full day). We haven't decided yet but I'm already in planning mode 😆 I'd like to get some good pictures of Horseshoe Beach before it gets crowded and am willing to wake up super early on day two or three to get there before the masses. Will there be transportation available when the sun comes up or should I try to find a private ride there? I'm not sure yet if we'd continue on with our day or go back to the ship to drop off our camera equipment. I'd like to bring our nice/expensive camera with us the entire day, but it's kind of bulky and we're most likely going to be swimming and snorkeling with no place to store it. Even though it'd waste time, we'll probably head back to the ship after getting pictures of Horseshoe, bring the camera back to the room, and head out.
  13. We are sailing from Charleston, SC
  14. Are there any "secret" foods we shouldn't miss? I've read something about the Asian restaurant doing free lunch and I don't want to miss things like that.
  15. I purchased FTTF, but the earliest arrival appointment available online is 1:30. I'm assuming we can show up earlier than that? How much earlier? Thanks!
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