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  1. Ashling

    Britiannia Caribbean - Internet Whatsapp

    Thanks, I will give them a call on monday
  2. Ashling

    Britiannia Caribbean - Internet Whatsapp

    Thank you 👍
  3. Ashling

    Britiannia Caribbean - Internet Whatsapp

    Thank you, greatly appreciate your confirmation. Do you know if there is any advantage in purchasing the iternet package prior to travel?
  4. Hi All If you take the internet package are you able to make voice calls and/or send pictures via Whatsapp. Many thanks in advance
  5. Ashling

    Manchester to Barbados

    We are on a TUI flight travelling on the 15th December (Britannia) and paid £30 per person per reserved seat, so £120 in total. We are also in Premium
  6. Ashling

    Solo traveller – Caribbean

    Hi Tiny 179, You will have to come back here and let me know how it went and what I can expect from my first solo trip on Britannia:)
  7. Ashling

    Solo traveller – Caribbean

    Thanks for clarifying:)
  8. Ashling

    Solo traveller – Caribbean

    Clodia - is the purpose of the coffee morning so that solo's can meet up and go ashore together? I completely understand your comment re safety. I am a little nervous as this will be my first time doing a solo cruise and my first time to the Caribbean. My intention is to book all the excursions with P & O. Any advice you can give to a virgin solo traveller would be greatly appreciated
  9. I am booked on a caribbean cruise this Dec on Britannia and as this will be my first solo cruise I am not sure what to expect. Do P & O still arrange events for solo travellers. I would really appreciate any advice that solo travellers can offer. Many thanks in advance
  10. Ashling

    MSC Seaview delivery delayed slightly

    I have also been affected by the cancellation, I was due to sail from Marseille on the 9th of June for a 7 day cruise. Obviously I was extremely disappointed when I received the e-mail yesterday morning. However, sh*t happens and there is nothing I can do to change the situation. I wasn’t going to post re the cancelation, however the above post has prompted me to. I known every persons experience is different, what I post here is my personal experience. I can not speak highly enough about the way MSC has handled this situation with me. They have done everything in their power to try and assist me. I have not had any problems getting through to them va the general contact number, they have called me back a number of times and they have corresponded with me via e-mail. My refund is in hand and I have already booked a replacement cruise. I really feel for the staff as they are having to deal with thousands of calls following the cancellation.
  11. Ashling

    Booked: MSC Seaview Mediterranean Cruise 2019.

    Sidari, thanks for sharing, i join her is 90 (ish) days.
  12. Ashling

    MSC Preziosa UK based summer 2019

    JPMoore - thanks for the heads up!! I see they have cruises listed for Apr, May, Aug & sept. Do you think that is the final listing. We were looking to travel in july 2019 so I am a little disappointed. I incorrectly assumed they would be sailing ex southampton for summer 2019. Oh well roll on June for our trip on Seaview
  13. Ashling

    MSC Preziosa UK based summer 2019

    Hi mark Thanks for the information I did call today, however didnt manage to speak to Stuart Chalmers. I spoke to a very nice/helpful lady who confirmed they are still uploading the preziosa cruises in to their website, hence the delay. She asked me for my contact details and said she will call me directly when they go on sale. I suspect they will go on sale very soon:)
  14. Ashling

    MSC Preziosa UK based summer 2019

    Hi Panamapd Thank you, very useful. Do you happen to know when it may go on sale in the UK?
  15. Ashling

    MSC Preziosa UK based summer 2019

    Bea, this wil be a return visit to Preziosa. We did out first MSC cruise on Preziosa in YC in 2016, loved the YC so much we did meraviglia 2017 and yet to come, Seaview 2018 :D. I am enjoying reading the Seaside reviews, both good and bad.