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  1. Five days of crappy coffee has left me with little tolerance for keyboard warriors. So bless your heart. I heard she was confined to her room for running naked up and down the halls on Deck 9, and she jumped off her deck 9 balcony after they wouldn’t allow her out. A different version had her jumping off deck 6 after threatening a woman in the comedy club with a broken wine glass. A third version was she jumped because she was mad at her significant other.
  2. Just got off the Sun this morning and I can’t find any info online about the woman they fished out of the water Tuesday night. Rumors were wild and rampant about what happened but I was hoping to get the real scoop. Anyone hear anything about it?
  3. I just got back yesterday from the Ecstasy for a girl's weekend. We had an absolute blast, but we tend to make our own fun wherever we go! I was a little concerned after reading all of the negative reviews. There were a few little bumps here and there but nothing to get upset about.
  4. What a nightmare. I have seen several people faint or nearly faint at a muster drill in the hot Miami sun. I made the mistake of having some alcohol and not enough water at one drill and felt kind of woozy myself. Now I'm cautious about not having a repeat experience. Ironically enough, the muster drill that I felt the worst at was the indoor drill on the Norwegian Escape. They had us in the arcade space and there was nowhere to sit. I ended up sitting on the floor near the bowling area. I just desperately needed some food and water! Glad you've got a dr. appointment. My issues are always related to dehydration.
  5. After seeing this suggestion on these forums, I always bring the over the door shoe organizer. It holds so much stuff and makes our cabin much tidier! I end up storing all of my hair and makeup items, sunscreen, extra flip flops, and all those other small items that seem to collect on all of the horizontal surfaces. I have this one with mesh pockets. It doesn’t take up much room at all. Over the Door Organizer - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018RI6MFI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_b8lZBbMPBSE4S
  6. I hope I get to see the towel animals on the deck on my cruise! Too cute.
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