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  1. Have any of you rebooked your up coming cruise (booked prior to boarding) to get extra OBC etc? Im currently onboard the infinity and was curious to see if it’s worth while to do so
  2. On a related note, is it OK still bringing flowers aboard if we stop by a florist and get a bouquet before we board? I know it's NOT okay to bring it off the ship so I won't be doing that.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, saved $1500 across 3 rooms and got extra perks.
  4. Use incognito mode or private mode and that should take care of the cache issue.
  5. I booked our upcoming cruise for europe directly with celebrity but found out that if i transferred it to a big box club travel agent I could get their giftcards also. Any downside to doing so except I'd have to go through them to get price drops later on right? Also, could I still use celebrity choice air?
  6. From What I've seen it's just standard android tablet running a custom portal linked to the ship's wifi. If you're really curious I can ask this saturday when we board πŸ™‚
  7. Got this recently, it came with 2 different codes to create 2 separate accounts on board. So really you can use 2 device, one on each account if you'd like.
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