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  1. Thanks so much for your response! Everything I have read shows the other dates that were included at the beginning of this post. I appreciate the info!
  2. Still wondering about all the cancellations. Was/am scheduled on the 3/13/21 sailing of the Magic and to date have not received a cancellation email. I checked carnival.com this morning and it still shows the booking active. I also just tried to book that cruise and stopped right before I confirmed, so it is still letting people book. Anyone else in this same situation?
  3. Just curious if anyone has actually received their cancellation email yet. I'm scheduled on the 3/13 cruise on the Magic (previously on the Breeze until the switcheroo two weeks ago), but haven't gotten an email yet and my cruise is still showing a countdown. I know it isn't going to happen, just curious is all!
  4. Personally, I would not have. Hubs was trying to be helpful, I think! He mentioned late last night that he had money sitting there and was going to just pay a couple of our upcoming trips so it's out of the way. I really didn't THINK he was talking about the cruise, and just called him to make sure he DIDN'T do anything in regards to the cruise.... Fortunately, I was able to reverse the transaction so payment was not made. His response, though, was to cancel the cruise and not rebook, he's tired of the cruiseline uncertainty.
  5. Well crap. I'm thinking we're just going to cancel entirely. Just called hubs to tell him not to pay our remaining balance for our March 13 cruise on Magic only to find he JUST PAID IT. Ugh. Hoping I can intercept and cancel the transaction!
  6. So glad this thread popped up!! My passport expires in September and we're due to cruise in March. I've been holding off renewing because I also need to get my driver's license switched over to a Real ID. My DL isn't due until December 2023, but I'll need the Real ID for other planned trips since I won't have my passport in my possession. Lots of things to take into consideration!
  7. So I cancelled the prepaid tips so that we "may" be able to use OBC for them. If not, no big deal! Regardless, we will still continue to tip our room steward and waiters additional cash. Normally, we give the steward $50 at the beginning, and another $50 at the end. I don't ask for a lot from them, but I do like having my ice bucket full when we get back to our room! Not to mention, hubs and I both waited tables during our early college years and you never forget what it's like to work for tips!
  8. Thanks! Yes, hubs took it upon himself to book the previous cancelled cruise (first time he's booked ANYTHING) and was trying to cover the bases so he just added everything in. When it was cancelled and I moved the reservation, it just carried through that the tips were still prepaid. I'll be removing them for sure! Great explanation! THANKS! Not sure why I was thinking I needed to add them back in once on board! Good to know it's automatic and I don't need to remember to do anything other than soak up some sun and rum! We always owe money when we leave, and I'm cool with that! Hubs normally leaves details to me and is just along for the ride. I commend him, however, for TRYING to be on top of it! 🙂
  9. We're currently booked on the Magic March 13-21 (just switched from the Breeze last week) and we have so much OBC that I was thinking about removing the tips from our account FOR NOW for a couple reasons... I've never done this before, so any advice is welcome! First, as I mentioned, we have $1150 in OBC for this cruise and I wouldn't mind using some of it for tips. Second, our final payment is due the first week of December, while we will be in Disney with our kids and grandkids (insert we pay for most of the stuff). And third, if they do cancel the March cruise it would be less $$$ that I have tied up until refunds come through. So, with all this info, is removing the tips a good idea? We never do the tipping ourselves, but rather use the tipping on our account as well as giving our room steward and waiter a healthy bit extra, and I would definitely add it back on as soon as we're aboard the ship. Thanks for any input!
  10. I have a small business and do shirts so I finally made myself a replacement about two years ago! STILL my fav!
  11. I have this same style from about the same time frame, only mine says "got cruise?".....it's my fav!
  12. Drawing a total blank! How do I find my onboard credit on a future booking? My cruise was switched to the Magic in March and I just want to make sure everything transferred over correctly, but I absolutely cannot remember how to find the page that shows my OBC. HELP! Thanks all!! 🙂
  13. Thanks for the info! Do you have a recommendation for the hotel? I cannot remember where we stayed last time we cruised from Miami.... 🙂
  14. Our March 2020 cruise was cancelled so we rebooked for March 2021 as that was the first time that would work for us. By rebooking we were receiving a $600 OBC. Now we're being shuffled to Miami/Magic as we were on the Breeze for March 14. The notice says that we will receive $200 OBC because of the change. Will we actually get this, or not because we already have $600 OBC? Just trying to make sure I understand before I try to explain it to hubs! THANKS!
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