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  1. Carnival Australia is a separate entity to the USA Carnival brand. To the OP, I'd just check your loyalty status as you may not get it recognised by Carnival Australia. Also be aware that on Carnival Australia ships, there are NO alcoholic drink packages.
  2. I was going to say, HAL ships mainly used to depart from Barrangaroo before the days of White Bay Cruise Terminal.
  3. We're not on her this season, have to wait until October 11 2019
  4. Thanks Docker, still have sig issues. Culled it right down but it keeps telling me that it's too long blah blah!!
  5. I had a first look around the new layout and cant find where to create a signature. Before the site upgrade, I wasn't able to do a sig as it had been turned off (no clue why as I had a sig for ages!!) with no way of turning it on again. If anyone can point me in the right direction please, I'd be grateful!
  6. We love our packing cubes! We have a mix of brands, our biggest cubes are from Kathmandu and some smaller ones from Aldi (could've sworn that I had another brand too but thinking about it, I dont think so) We have a cube each for formal, another cube for swimming stuff, another for warm clothes and another for casual/general/undies etc and then an empty one each for dirty laundry. We roll everything. We also have a cube each for Embarkation day that goes into our carry on bags with 1 lot of swimwear, meds, phone chargers/adapters and a change of clothes for first night dinner.
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