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  1. We depart today 8/5 from Chicago to Zurich, then bus to Lucern until 8/8 ... we board Kvasir in Basel heading to Amsterdam. Appreciate any river travel updates or how Viking is handleing route disruptions. So far, we do not have a Kvasir notification on Viking site ... good thing we are both seasoned travelers! We are bringing our adventurous brains .... happy sailing!
  2. Was just reading thru the posts for the Spirit & thought I would toss in my two cents on suite vs cabin thoughts... no matter which ship or which destination -- once you book a suite you will be always looking at a suite. The perks begin when you enter the ship (or before if you book a hotel with NCL) -- normally, the first to jump onto the bus (or boat, when in Venice) and always special embarkation (what a joy). Then all the other perks .... butler, concierge and complimentary breakfast & lunch at a specialty restaurant - someone to book dinner reservations, movies, special show seating - on & on! It sounds like you are a caregiver at home so why not have the pleasure of letting someone care for you? It's a joy! Happy Sailing .... our next is getting ready to be booked for 2017! Ten wonderful days on the Spirit, departing from Barcelona for my birthday - very exciting! :D
  3. To see the canal first - we booked a penthouse 9502 - forward. OMG - it was the best! Plenty of space with a king bed - it was wonderful & maybe the best we've had - except for the Owner's Suite we booked for our Greek Cruse. While many are looking for spots to see the Canal open very early in the morning - we were in our jammies & watching it all unfold with coffee in hand. We turned up the TV to hear the narration & filmed much of the actual opening. Columbia - we booked the walking tour (great & bought emerald earrings) Panama - booked the train (went thru Canal on ship & reboarded on other side) (saw much of the country & it was relaxing - Canal tour was excellent) Coata Rica - great river tour & chocolate factory (bring bug spray for ground ants - interesting) Honduras - snorkeling ... even in rain it was GRAND Belize - River tour & ruins (perfect tour) Mexico - we booked another ruins & wish we had done something else (tour was good but one ruins would have been enough & Belize was better) We cruised over Thanksgiving & my 68th birthday - it was a wonderful cruise and 11-days was NOT long enough! We flew into Miami and stayed in South Beach the day before & also stayed an extra night after at Roommate Hotel. Nice place right in the middle of South Beach....
  4. We are booked (and paid in full) for November 19 cruise --- we've got a nice Roll Call going with several activities to kick-off the week! Hubby & I just ran thru our excursions & we're in the process of the final selections - we've opted for a forward PH suite because we've gotten spoiled with the suite services! Hope to see you join ... we've traveled extensively with my past event management company (now retired & closed the company) ... but these are all new ports for us to explore! Getting excited and we are under the 65-day mark for sailing away!
  5. We love ocean cruising & are just stating to look at river cruses for 2016 for perhaps a longship with Viking - a new experience for us!
  6. We've never bothered with a heavy power strip but always carry on an extension cord with multiple outlets - they are light & long enough to plug in nearly any place. We've even used at the airport when delayed - thus the carry on idea was born! Happy sails...:D
  7. You will want to go back to Alaska ... we are returning in 2015 & heading farther up this time! Woo Hoo! Please get the waterproof pants, jacket, gloves & don't forget earmuffs - we went in the end of June but used most of these items for our excursions. We didn't bother with an umbrella for excursions because we had binoculars & two cameras (and a small towel in a waterproof backpack with zip-lock bags). We always brought water to share, even if guides said they would have & the day we forgot our hats, the guide had them. Sox that dry easily - cuddle duds (easy dry long undies)... kleenex was a must. We didn't bring boots but had really great hiking shoes from LL Bean - and that's where we bought our pants, jackets & gloves. We bought NCL sweatshirts (on sale) when we boarded so we didn't have to bring them along. Will do the same for the next Alaska tour... most of all ... have fun & you can search for my site and photos. It was a blast! Hugs & more from another NCL happy face! :D
  8. Can we leave USD for our concierge & butler or others when cruising in the Greek Islands or should we leave euros? We have already prepaid the normal NCL service fee in advance but being an event planner & knowing how dedicated many are... we do take care of those who care for us & we are in an Owner's Suite for this cruise.
  9. We have booked both ways... and have found the NCL personal TC very useful, and he's always tried to find the best deal & we made time payments directly online to NCL on our account.... received OB perks from him, the online OB perks & upgrades. Unfortunately, due to our own schedule, we we not able to book 9-months in advance so we didn't qualify for a second cabin upgrade but that was ok because we had our cabin selected & it was available. I'm an event planner with my own company and delighted to have someone do the work for me... happy sails to you! :D.
  10. We didn't go back as many years as some, however they easily were able to check our records back to 2004 & we thought then we wouldn't cruise again because our first was a work trip! Little did we know.... hooked on cruising now! If you've not tried another service person... I'd certainly give it a try. We were not required to present past papers.... it took her a bit of investigating but the wait was worth receiving our credit. Happy sails... :D
  11. NCL sent several OB perks to our suite... we booked an aft suite & enjoyed every second of having wine & cheese on our deck and drank Mimosas very early on our anniversary in bed! And yes, I did spend a wonderful morning in the Spa, while hubby just had some alone time. Brought fancy napkins & cheese to add to whatever was sent from NCL & I gave my hubby a card every day... often funny, with a bit of serious tossed into the mix! We enjoyed our day by walking the entire ship together & taking fotos everywhere we sat (goofy we are) ... and were in sweaters at Glacier Bay in June to celebrate our anniversary at Noon! Had dinner at La Bistro & enjoyed them singing to us! Our anniversary trip was magnificent ... and hope yours will be also! Happy sails... :D
  12. Never been on Carnival... cruised Pearl in 2012 & we have a Temp foam-type mattress & pillows at home ... had NO problem with our mattress or pillows! Excellent bedding & we slept great! Happy sails ... :D
  13. Do all that you can do ... just because you may not go back! We cruised last year & hope to return in a couple of years! Check out all the postings & photos ... I also have a couple of my own! The excursions are fantastic in each port ... We cruised NCL Pearl ... even in June a bit wet but we didn't care & we were prepared. Happy sails...:D
  14. I've been on MFP for a bit over a year now... have just passed the 20+ mark for my loss... don't go jumping around yet because I have really worked at this all my life! At 65 years... I don't know how long it will last but I'm working on it! And call me crazy but I have a hard time eating all my calories each day - so there! This is the first system that keeps me honest & logging food! My long-on is susanstar88 same as here and would love to have some friends who can share in my losses & accomplishments... as they progress! We depart in 24-days for Venice, then on to the Jade for a 7-day cruise with four more days in Venice. The good news will be all the walking & touring! I'm not certain how many times I will be able to log into the system so I will drop my days... but will work hard at entering my food on my iPad (even if I don't log the days when I'm not connected). Happy sails to everyone... :D
  15. I'm an independent event planner --- I book our cruises thru NCL personal cruise consultant (Tom) and he always gives a deal to us or lets us know what we should do. And if we had a group --- he would be more than delighted to give a great deal or find the best one for us! If I was in that type of business & in this type of times - I'd be trying to KEEP your business by giving you & your group the best value plus perks! Have you tried contacting the group department for NCL or talking to a personal cruise consultant to see what they can do for you... worth the effort - might be surprised. I am a DIY person but when it comes to our vacations ... I love having someone else do most of the legwork for us... that is why I pick up the phone! We book our air & NCL does the rest for us... And if that doesn't work or the advice you've gotten... I would not be willing to book without perks and pay too! Hope your sailing is happy...:D
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