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  1. Keep in mind - husband and I (late 50s) love the jazz duo and classical options HAL offers too, but will definitely check out the new venue as well. It's not all or none. I wouldn't worry.
  2. That's terrific! Nothing like live music.
  3. Great info. Thank you. Yes, we booked lime from airport to hotel thru hotel. Transfer from Rome to cruise port purchased from HAL odd pickup. Hard to tell til were there I gyess. Staying near roman forum, pickup in mazzini, lazio, rome. we shall see.
  4. ? you were picked up at your hotel? We were given a pickup location of piazza mazzini, lazio. Staying a night in rome, and hotel does NOT appear convenient to pick up location. Als, what are most people doing for airport to rome, thinking of hotel pricey pickup from airport to hotel.
  5. You'll love it. We did this itinerary last yr, our first HAL cruise. It's elegant and lovely. Diff than the RCCL and Norwegian cruises we'd done with our kids. No booming constant reminders broadcast into hallways. Ports are great. Enjoy travelling with the generations!
  6. Thank you Wishing On A Star!!! Yes, our stateroom is bumped out, just forward of midship and not connecting. So the HAL consultant steered me well! Looking forward to this trip VERY much....
  7. Thanks Carol. Yes we were in a vista suite? our first HAL cruise on the Veendam. So, yes, no discounted wine for us :-( I guess we'll be 2star after this cruise.
  8. Thank you. Yes apparently we're one star until after this cruise :-(
  9. Booked cat VC balcony deck 5. Wondering difference between this and lower cat V. Also how do I find out mariner status, perks, etc. Would like to take advantage of any discounted wine packages, etc. Booked direct thru HAL consultant.
  10. ditto what jim said. Disembarkation mess fell far MORE on shoulders of Montreal Port in our opinion. Being behind calling tags is one thing. Having elderly (AND others with suitcases) disembark from a steep gangway was ridiculous. For Veendam's part they could have sent management staff to gangway to facilitate a process. Not a fan of the us vs. them, the new people are rude, mentality (maybe because WE ARE first time HAL cruisers - don't drink much, do dress for dinner, enjoyed the music, presentations, etc). seems to me most guests did their best, waited patiently. short line to get taxi. saw several people loudly commenting on their 'mariner status priority disembarkation, etc' which didn't really help progression of line. port seemed ill prepared for arrival of ship. Not real acceptable since far smaller ports accomodated arrival easily. RCCL and NCL have shown that easy disembarkation CAN happen. a few doors down from jimnkaren, never got to meet, maybe next time!
  11. Comments ftom husband, we just got off veendam saturday. When treadmill set to uphill grade you're head is far too close to ceiling/cramped. Tv screen on treadmills blocked ocean view. Disposable headphones and water bottles were not supplied (that we saw) which are pretty standard in hotels or gyms. None of these were a big deal!, he used rower instead. Nice, clean facility otherwise.
  12. Just got off verndam today. Lovely smaller ship. We saw no signs of poor maintenance onboard. Staterooms, venues impeccable, and we had no issues with temperature, bathrooms etc. Occasionally a public rest room would appear closed, presumably for cleaning?, but certainly NOT a big deal. Lovely ship.
  13. Agree it was the most unpleasant disembarkation in recent memory. That having been said HAL kept calling additional categories down when we were wrapped around in lines. Gangway FAR too steep and narrow for elderly, handicapped or those wheeling luggage. Resulted in SLOw process. I'd think montreal port could do better.
  14. Thanks all for updates. Boarding in boston tuesday. Really hope all is in order. Anxious to hear from those that boarded in FL. In the meantime, packing!
  15. Walk newbury st, nice shops and cafes, galleries, also convenient to boston common for walk to sWan boat ride, a boston tradition. Museum fine arts fairly close to this area too. Walk Commonwealth ave, parallel to newbury, see lovely homes, and check out pub Cheers was based on. Or seaport district, new and lovely area, tour harpoon brewery, lunch on waterfront, ICA museum.
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