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  1. Get the balcony. It's still a vacation - why make it more stressful? Instead of getting Cheers, maybe think about getting bottomless bubbles - that way if you do mixed drinks (e.g. rum and coke, jack and coke) you can order them separately, only paying for the shot, and mix them yourself! Whatever you do - enjoy!
  2. Check shorter cruises, I know we're doing Bermuda on a 5 day on NCL in the fall.
  3. I went on an NCL cruise and one of the people in my party was gluten free. I would highly recommend NCL from that perspective - they did a great job working with her in terms of meal planning - in the MDR as well as with specialty dining.
  4. It's up - we booked the Encore for October 2020! It is leaving from NYC. Hope to see you onboard!
  5. duhwitt

    Bermuda help

    Hi all! I need some help... We're planning a cruise to Bermuda. It's a sea day/bermuda overnight/sea day back. The thing is, I think 5 day cruises are too short in general, and even more so when I have to fly across the entire country to do so. BUT I like being on the water and moving. We could do a 6 day which is sea day/bermuda/bermuda/bermuda/sea day. Is there enough to do in Bermuda to stay occupied for 3 days? Or am I going to be sitting on my balcony, staring at the same scenery for 3 days? I have been looking for a B2B, a 4 day to add to the 5 day, and I'm not having much luck. Thanks!
  6. Hi all! My cruise buddy and I are looking at going on our 2nd NCL cruise next year. We're normally Carnival cruisers, but after our Med cruise we want to try out NCL again! However, our balcony room was TINY compared to Carnival's balcony rooms. In looking at our potential itineraries (NCL Gem to Bermuda), it looks like there are balcony rooms and mini-suites which are a bit bigger, but then a huge jump to penthouse rooms. Is there are "regular suite" type of room? We're not a family, it's just me and my friend, we just want a bit more room to stretch out. We couldn't use our couch at all in our balcony room on the last NCL cruise. Any suggestions/information are appreciated!
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