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  1. He did not give any details just "they are working on it" as Cruise_Addict posted above, This is old news......to some
  2. I specifically asked John Heald and he said yes, they are working on it.
  3. According to Heald, Carnival is working on a new level between Gold and Platinum, and Platinum and Diamond. Not sure how that would work?
  4. I was on the Breeze last month, there was shampoo and shower gel in the dispensers, (not Elemis) and all we got was a small bar of elemis hand soap and a scrub from the spa (for one person)
  5. I think it means if the TA orders a "gift' to be delivered to you FROM them as a perk. Which is fine but why penalize the guests who want to order for themselves? I say cut the delivery fee out for everyone. Give the TA's the 20% break.
  6. Evidently Carnival has given TA's a break when it comes to ordering gifts through the funshop. No delivery fee AND 20%off. Maybe I should get a TA . Thoughts anyone ? Personally I think everyone should have the discount.
  7. I will be on the Breeze in Dec. I have looked at several pictures of the interior spa rooms and I came across one that showed a magnifying mirror on a swing arm in the bathroom. Does anyone know for sure if all interior spa rooms have this feature ? thanks
  8. I have gone to the bar lots of times and gotten drinks when the servers were so busy it would take forever. So yes, you can go to the bar, I have never had a bartender tell me no.
  9. I agree, just increase the price, tell the passenger, its already included but feel free to tip extra if you would like to.
  10. I'm really fine with all the changes that Carnival is making. I really am, but I am concerned about having a tomato mustache when I enjoy my bloody marys and would it be considered rude to bob for the olives since there will be no plastic picks ? asking for a friend........
  11. Can anyone tell me if they have places along the beach that do chair massages instead of the tables?
  12. They automatically add 15%gratuity whether you tip extra or not.
  13. Insurance companies are in business for 2 reasons, to collect premiums and to deny claims.
  14. Personally, I enjoy the MDR . Maybe it's not everyones cup of tea. Sort of like the bars and casinos. Since I loathe buffets, a ship with no MDR would not interest me.
  15. Thats awesome ! I have my eye in it, if the price dips again, I will pounce !
  16. Question : If I bought 100 shares and booked a cruise using one of the VIFP offers, does that mean I cannot receive the OBC from the stock ?
  17. I am planning to book on the Breeze for Nov 2019, can anyone tell me how much the spa pass would be for one person ? Trying to figure out if it would be less to just get the spa cabin. sailing solo, so trying to get the best deal.
  18. I was on that cruise, we were socked in for sure. People were scrambling trying to reschedule flights etc. I actually enjoyed the extra day of food and drinks ! Of course the people waiting at the terminal were LIVID !
  19. Wow ! Thats awesome ! Maybe I will just have to get over my jitters and give it a go. Thank you
  20. Thanks very much for explaining, I suppose I'm too shy to go inside and find out these things. Thank you for answering my question.
  21. I am not a gambler so I do not have a clue what the Carnival Players Club is all about. Do you have to spend a certain amount to get into this "club"
  22. I will be taking my first solo in Dec and the excitement is almost too much ! Knowing I will have 8 wonderful days of doing exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it. I have never had any "alone" time. I think I may just spoil myself 😘
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