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  1. This post was just supposed to be a light humorous aside about getting ready for a cruise. It was not meant to be taken too literally. It was a jest to make fun of my own situation. I wasn’t really asking for help...just making a joke...and wanted to see if anyone else “suffered” from my malady. If this was something I took seriously I think we would have separated long ago! The older you get the more you know how much you will miss that specific quirk and everything else about your mate when they are gone. And that’s why I appreciate everything he is while we’re still alive.
  2. I guess my husband of 36 years who has overcome stage III cancer and disability is just a rude jerk then. Frankly I think that we’ve been through a hell of a lot together. The fact that he just got his clothes together two days before the cruise I find fondly amusing and love him more for just being the person he is. ❤️❤️
  3. Thank you! Our flight is at 1:55. We just have time for the Everglades airboat tour. We were thinking of doing that, but we would have to be through customs and at the bus at 9:00. I know we are going to be tired by that point, we always are. So the airboat is worth it?
  4. We have a late flight home after our Sky eastern Caribbean cruise next week. What is the latest we can get off the ship before they chase us out?
  5. We have the platinum Princess insurance and are due to sail in five days. We also have Princess Air, which was expensive. One cruise agent told us the air would also be included in our future cruise credit if we cancel for any reason. I am afraid to just go on her word because they’ve been wrong about things before. Has anyone used the cancel for any reason with the Princess platinum insurance and had Princess Air? Did you get credit for the air?
  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I take care of him and he takes care of me. We’ve been together since 1977, so something keeps us that way.
  7. Haha haha! I like that answer! But really, I can’t do that! Right now I have him trying on all his clothes and trying to come up with seven outfits. He has a newer suit that still fits and two of the pants I ordered him fit, so we are slowly piecing together what will work! I think we will be able to do it. My hubby is one of those old fashioned traditional men and shopping for clothes is something I did for him...don’t ask. I’m glad my son is a modern man and doesn’t expect his girlfriend to do anything for him. Oh well, we seem to be from the dinosaur era even though we retired young!
  8. ....get his clothes together for a cruise!? Mine waited until three days before and then found out that half of the clothes in his closet didn’t fit anymore. When you’re both retired and you don’t need to dress up any more, it’s easy to not know if your dress clothes fit right after a year or two. I had been buying clothes and getting ready for weeks, meanwhile. Here we are, three days before and the few clothes I had ordered for him don’t fit either. I give up. Some men just hate to try on clothes and think about fashion and my hubby is one of them.....what do you do when this happens? Eat in the buffet?
  9. Thanks for that information! I’ll look into the winemakers dinner as well! 👍
  10. We prepaid for an ultimate balcony dinner in a deluxe balcony stateroom on the Sky. Is the steak and lobster tail of the same quality that you would get in the Crown Grille or something inferior, not worth the cost? Also how do they fit it on those small balconies on the Royal class ships? We had it years ago on the Crown and it was quite good, but wonder if it’s gone downhill since?
  11. That’s correct, we haven’t hit summer yet, so assuming it will die out then is strictly presupposition. It is a novel virus and nothing is to be assumed until there is some level of proof. It is not the cold virus, even though somewhat related, and most certainly not the flu virus. Go over to the Princess boards for more detailed discussion if you wish.
  12. That is not true. There is no proof whatsoever on any of the scientific journal pages that this virus dies out in summer in the northern hemisphere. Start following scientific journals that publish up to the minute peer reviewed articles. The Lancet, etc
  13. Of COURSE this quarantine is more to keep passengers on board from infecting anyone on shore! That’s what a quarantine does—keeps the general public safe from disease. It is not to keep the passengers on the Diamond safe from Japan! Princess is doing all it can, under the regulations in place in Japan, to keep passengers as comfortable as possible, and they are doing the best that they possibly can, IMHO.
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