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  1. I've been on Epic several times. All different itineraries and from different ports.
  2. I've requested and received the benefit several times. Turnaround from request to approval generally less than 2 days.
  3. I remember when the NCL beverage package was a very reasonable $49.99 a day.
  4. Dominic....a drink or 10. 10 sounds perfect. I'm on your cruise and will definitely be day drinking.
  5. I'm on this sailing too! No advice just thought I'd chime in.
  6. It's bad to miss a train but it must really suck to miss it by 30 seconds.
  7. I've stayed in studios on Epic, Getaway and Escape. Love them. I will say that if you are aft on Epic it is a seemingly never ending walk to get to the studio lounge.
  8. This thread is hilarious. You all are my tribe! I find that I initiate "middle aged drinking games" while cruising. Why should undergrads with minimal life experience have all the fun?
  9. Interestingly enough this is the first time I bothered to read through a straw thread. I actually contemplated whether or not I'm a straw person. I think mostly for me whether or not I use a straw depends on what/where I'm drinking. I'm not a fan of drinking out of stray glasses (breakroom at work, restaurants etc.) without a straw. If I have a tall glass I prefer a straw. If I have a short glass, not so much. I certainly won't pitch a fit over no straws. After all, I can always just drink shots.
  10. I also thought this was going to be a thread about chicken wings. Lol.
  11. Wow. Amazing the nerve of some people. I'm not even judging them for their thoughts or opinions but shocked at what can only be determined to be brazenness or ignorance.
  12. OP - I'm sure it will be fine. Your attitude seems wonderful and that's the most important thing. Worst case scenario you have a bad roommate. Unless you both get quarantined to the room that's not the end of the world. Lol. Better case scenario - you make a new friend and possibly have a cruise buddy for the future.
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