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  1. The Escape was a fun vibe ship when we first did it in 2016, when the ship came out. We are headed back onto it this summer in the Mediterranean. Very cool bars, including the Sky Bar and a glow party. Specialty dining includes a Tapas Bar type restaurant, a French cuisine restaurant, Food Republic which is a fusion of foods, a Steakhouse, a Brazilian grill type restaurant and Teppanyaki. I know I'm missing some. I'm not sure on a maximum # of beverages per day, but the drink list of what's included is attached below. 790164-BEV_Package_Flyer_UOBP_PPBP Update_V7_no_crops.pdf
  2. Another question regarding the Mediterranean cruise would be the port fees on drinks when still in port. Wondering what they would be.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Your plans sound fantastic. You will certainly have a busy itinerary. My family and I will be curious about breakfast options on your early morning port days, as we do not have one day at sea and we like to avoid the buffet whenever possible. We look forward to hearing about the breakfast at O'Sheehan's. If you could also share crew info e.g. cruise director, captain, etc. that would be appreciated.
  4. Does NCL still offer lunch in one of the MDR on embarkation day? Does the NCL Escape still have irons available for use by asking the room steward to borrow one? Does anyone have current pricing for the laundry service?
  5. I will be following your review. We will be on the Escape for the second time in July for a 9 day itinerary out of Rome. Our first cruise on the Escape was in 2016, and it was our children's first cruise. They were 6 and 8 at the time. We loved the Escape for its Caribbean itinerary, it was new at the time, but we look forward to experiencing it again in the Mediterranean now 8 years later. Will you be eating in the MDR at all? We will appreciate all of your shares information. We wish you a fantastic B2B upcoming voyage!
  6. Does anyone have information for the Escape crew in July?
  7. We are 103 days out from a 9 day sailing in the Mediterranean and booked in a balcony room. When should I be able to make MDR Reservations? It keeps telling me to check back at a later date or once onboard.
  8. What time should we plan to arrive at the Civitavecchia Port for our July cruise on the NCL Escape?
  9. I am also curious as to the replies you will receive regarding your post. Our family was on the Escape in 2016 for our very first cruise with our kids in tow, they were 6 & 8 at the time and we all loved the ship. We sailed on the Bliss 2 years later but have since tried other lines. We will be back on the Escape in the Mediterranean for 9 days this coming July and I'm curious as to why some of the most recent reviews have been negative.
  10. What time can we expect to be off the ship upon arrival back to Civitavecchia on the Escape in July?
  11. Why are the excursions for Barcelona still not showing up for our July cruise on the Escape? I have read that Barcelona is limiting the # of ships. Any information would be appreciated.
  12. We will be on an overnight stop in Livorno/Pisa for a Mediterranean cruise on the Escape in July. Does NCL give a time we must be back onboard for the first night in that port/stop if we are there the entire next day?
  13. I appreciate all of the replies here. I was asking more so that I know where I should book a hotel based on where the cruise ends up docking for disembarkation - the Brooklyn or Manhattan areas? If it ends up in Brooklyn, the Red Hook ferry information is helpful.
  14. Yes, the itinerary visits the ABC islands. This itinerary is legal. There are many sailings with similar itineraries.
  15. We are booked on a 2025 Carribean Islander itinerary beginning in Ft. Lauderdale and ending in New York. The itinerary states the Enchanted Princess will complete the voyage at either the Brooklyn or Manhattan port. When can we expect to learn which one of the two it will be?
  16. If booking 4 of us in a room, 2 adults and our 2 children ages 17 and 15, just wondering if the Have It All Early Booking Bonus would apply to all four of us in the room, specifically for the beverages? Would they have their juices, soda, non alcoholic drinks included with this offer? What are the limits to the alcoholic drinks for the 2 adults?
  17. Does anyone know if the new menus will be used for our August 13th cruise on the Mardi Gras? I read they'll debut in August, just wondering if we had specific dates?
  18. We have sailed with Carnival, NCL and Royal all in the past 10 years, twice each line. Our children, ages 13 and 15 enjoyed each and every sailing, but our kids feel Carnival does have the "fun" factor advantage. The cruise directors are more involved and out there with the guests. The crew went out of their way to interact, even the cleaning crew on the pool deck during our most recent Carnival Cruise in December. Our kids enjoyed the conversations and connections made.
  19. Can anyone please share what the available lunch options are for embarkation day on the Mardi Gras?
  20. Can you tell me which nights will be formal nights on a Mardi Gras 6 day Caribbean cruise? Thanks
  21. Is there a beach in walking distance from Grand Cayman cruise port for some beginner or intermediate snorkeling?
  22. https://profcruise.com/carnivals-christmas-menu-2022/
  23. I've previewed the Christmas menu for the MDR, just wondering if anyone knows what the Christmas Eve menu will be?
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