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  1. We did not "choose to walk by" anything. I've stated before--as have many others--last June we arrived at 9am and there was no where to pay for parking, nor to walk in the the glacier/falls, nor for the Visitor's Center. We had our National Park passes in hand and did not use them/show them to anyone. There was no one taking money or checking for passes, nor charging for parking. I had read before we went that there was a $5 charge for parking and that we needed our park passes. It was unclear WHERE we would need to show them and to whom. Someone said you must pay or show your pass to get into the Visitor's Center. Again, there was no where to do that. **Someone who is planning on visiting Mendenhall this spring/summer, please take photos and post them for us all if you see the areas where there are charges for parking, visiting the glacier, or entrance into the Visitor's Center. Thank you.
  2. I agree, the food in the theater--compared to the lodges--was not the best. I would have much rather have had dinner in the dining room. The kids in the show worked hard serving, then dancing and singing, but I could have done without the dinner/show as well.
  3. This would be the perfect way to celebrate your 50th anniversary! I would recommend spending as much time in Alaska as your budget will allow. It's a long way to go, so make the most of it. Wishing you a memorable anniversary and Alaskan adventure!
  4. Ours was the 15 day Connoisseur Tour (the longest and most expensive) last June 2018. Transfer from ship to airport was NOT included, which is why we disembarked ourselves and took a taxi.
  5. We were on the most expensive of the Princess land/sea tours and transfers were NOT included; HOWEVER, when we flew into Fairbanks, Princess reps and buses were waiting there to take us to the hotel. This was not made clear at all in any paperwork, and my TA never got a straight answer from Princess either.
  6. I wrote a pretty comprehensive trip review of the Princess Connoisseur Tour my DH and I took this past summer. It might help answer some questions you have. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2653193&highlight=connoisseur
  7. AND when you consider the White or Blue Bus (also called the Shuttle) is now up to $45 per person, and you ONLY go to the glacier and back, renting a car is much more cost effective and efficient than that. You can park downtown at the library for free and walk around town, and you can enjoy any or all of the multiple hikes and places (and great lunch!) mentioned in my review.
  8. I would like to suggest the 4 of you rent a car in Juneau. My husband and I did last summer, and it was great! We did what we wanted and on our own time schedule. Here is a link to my CC report on our day in Juneau https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2653193&highlight=connoisseur&page=7 HOWEVER, as I noted in my report DO NOT rent a car from Juneau Car Rental! We had a bad experience. (Detailed in my report) I wish I had known about this company: https://www.toursinalaska.com/juneau/juneau-self-drive/ They say they will bring the car to you at the cruise ship and also pick it up. I would give them a try. My trip report (page 7) also tells about a WONDERFUL place we found for a lunch! Driving in Juneau is super easy. There is basically one road. ;)
  9. Thanks for reading! Yes, Michael is the best. Wish everyone could have him as a guide.
  10. Pat, I'm so glad my review was able to help you make this important decision. I'm sure you and your sister won't be disappointed. The food in the lodges is phenomenal; the sights on land and at sea are unparalleled. Wishing you wonderful weather and the making of many new friends!
  11. We had two ladies on our tour in the exact situation. They had a grand time! We had dinner with them one evening in the lodge. They loved the tour! I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing it sooner rather than later. ;)
  12. That’s great! You won’t regret this trip of a lifetime! Land and sea and for as long a time as you can afford, is the way to go! Happy Travels!
  13. So glad I could be of help! And yes, they do run out of cabs. Best to disembark asap.
  14. Great prices! Good for you! Our experience with Juneau Car Rental this past week was less than stellar:mad: From my review of Juneau......The young girl on duty called up our reservation, and we handed over our credit card. She said, "That will be $94.30." That gave us a moment of pause. We had our reservation from last October printed out and right there on the counter. The total was supposed to be $67.85. She said she would check the emails on the computer to see if we had been notified of this increase. I was pretty certain she would not find an email sent to us since we had never received anything like that. She called up the first email sent to us, the one which the confirmation number and letter had been attached, and pointed out to us on the screen that it said on the bottom of the email: These are 2017 prices and 2018 prices may be different. Okay. We certainly understand how the cost of running a business often necessitates increases, but a 30% increase?? She apologized and said she could call her boss, but she said she already knows what his answer will be. He will not budge. She said she has been running into this numerous times now, and it is what it is. Having no Plan B, we paid the bill with the increase and as we walked to the one of cars, I couldn't help but to hear my dear departed father's voice in my head saying, "You've just been put on the elevator, my dear." She lead us to an Oldsmobile Alero with 150,000 miles on it and with multiple dings and rust spots. We were not expecting a pristine new car. I knew from researching and reading that one of the reasons for their low prices is that they rent out old cars. However, at this cost their price point is close to the nationally recognized car rental companies. So bottom line advice here: The Juneau Car Rental Company is no longer the price friendly car rental company in the area. I would seriously instead consider the other major car rental companies in the area. Shop and compare. And if you do decide to go with the Juneau Car Rental Company, be advised that from the time you make your reservation and then pick up the car, the price could increase by 30% or more.
  15. A land & sea tour gives you the best of both worlds, if you can spare the time and money. We just returned: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2653193
  16. Just off the Coral. Shirts and ties for your guys will be just fine. :)
  17. For full review, please go to the address below on the Princess page. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2653193
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