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  1. Last June we took the longest land and sea option available with Princess and LOVED it. Here is my very comprehensive, day-by-day, review of the trip:
  2. Also, anyone use Uber in London? Are there cars available that would hold 4 adults with luggage?? TIA
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I will have to look at the options AT&T offers....although I think the idea of simply paying up to make one connection to Uber, might be the way to go....
  4. Thanks for all the information, John. Actually, the woman from whom we are renting suggested Yellow CarsTaxi & Mini Cab as a way to get to Victoria Coach Station from the Russell Sq area. I cannot find any information/reviews on them. Can you -- or anyone else-- give me any info on them: reliability? cost? etc TIA Kathy
  5. Has anyone used their iPhone with an American AT&T plan in London? I can use my phone with WiFi anywhere, but if I want to call an Uber from Heathrow, I am afraid that WiFi will not reach/be available as we exit the airport and make our way to the Short Stay Car Park, where the Uber stand is. Need to buy an international plan?? Doesn't really seem worth it for the VERY short time I'd use it....
  6. John, While we are on the subject of transportation, can you tell me the best (most efficient/cost effective) way of getting from Heathrow to central London (Russell Square area). We will arrive about 6am. I have looked at the options of taxis, Uber, the Tube, the bus, and a private car and am dizzy. 🤕 I could use a bit of advice. TIA
  7. John, We are 4 adults considering the National Express Bus from Victoria Coach Station to Southampton in August. The apartment we are renting is in the Russell Square area. I think we'd need a short taxi ride to Victoria Coach Station. Can you give us a few more details regarding your experience with the bus, please? I read on their website that they allow suitcases up to 44#. Since we are allowed 50# or so, is that an issue? Also, I read that you can pay 3 pounds more to reserve your seat. Did you do that? Was the bus full/crowded? How easy is it to place your luggage in the bus hold and retrieve it? When you arrived at Southampton, how plentiful were the taxis to the port? For 4 adults with luggage, would we need 2? Any and all advice you can give us regarding your experience with the bus from central London to Southampton would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  8. I RARELY book any excursions through the ship. A woman on our roll call has booked a bus through Clyde Coast Tourism. The bus will hold 34 people and will take us from Glasgow, the port, to the places mentioned above, and then back to the ship after the Tattoo at a cost of 60 GBP per person**. In addition, a lovely woman by the name of Catriona Stevenson answers all inquiries very quickly at Clyde Coast Tourism, and as an added service of theirs, purchased the Tattoo tickets for us when they became available. Catriona is a dream to work with. We paid for the bus and then the Tattoo tickets directly with Catriona. If you would like to contact her, you can tell her that you would like to hear about the same tour that "Virginia's group" booked for this year's stop in Glasgow (Greenock), which is the port from which we will travel to see the sites and then attend the Tattoo in Edinburgh on August 10, 2019. **The cost of the bus does not include the Tattoo tickets nor entrance fee to Stirling castle. I hope that answers your questions?
  9. Thank you for your reply. I've been reading awful reviews of the bus https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/national-express And it is really making me nervous. 74% of the 80+ reviews give them the lowest rating -- just one star. That is worrisome. I guess I'll go back to concentrating on a private car that is less than or about $120 for 4 people since the Princess transfer from Victoria Coach is $59pp.
  10. I have looked into this coach bus option. It certainly is cheaper than anything else. I understand that the basic price only includes two medium-sized suitcases of no more than 44 lbs. Did you find them to be strict in that weight policy? I also see where you can reserve a seat with more leg room (for more money, of course.) How far in advance did you book the bus tickets? Was it a full bus? TIA!
  11. Yes, I understand that, but it's too far out to fill out that long form. I do not yet know the flight number etc. Looking for a general idea....
  12. Can anyone tell me who has used Smith's (in particular because of their good rating) what is the charge from central London to Southampton? Also, does anyone know if Smith's has a bit of a discounted price if you use them "round trip" from central London to Southampton and then again at the end of the cruise from Southampton to Heathrow? TIA!
  13. I am so very pleased that my Alaskan Trip Report is still helping people make plans for their adventures in that awesome state! I completely understand your question and dilemma. As a parent and a grandparent, the ideal is maintaining a balance between activities and a bit of down time for everyone. And of course, all kids are different, so I think you have to ask yourself whether the kids, (and their parents, you'd your husband?) are hikers. If so, no problem at either place! Plenty of places to hike and explore. At Denali, there are not only trails, but other activities such as the dog sled demo by the National Park Rangers (great show, and you can get very up close and personal with the dogs), but besides that, visitors have several options of activities across the street to choose from. These are private (non-Princess) activities. If you look at page 1 again of my report, entry #17, you will see a photo of the complex, and you can also see across the road what I am referring to--the private tour operators. I believe these links below will take you to the listing of these tour operators. You can look at each, email them and ask if reservations in mid-June are required, or if you can decide once you are there. https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionsNear-g11914881-d277993-Denali_Princess_Wilderness_Lodge-McKinley_Village_Denali_National_Park_and_Preserve_Alaska.html https://www.denalioutdoorcenter.com McKinley is MUCH more remote than Denali. Again, there are trail hikes, free Nature Talks, free lectures (like Todd Huston), and of course, the Treehouse to see. However, if you need to be busier than that, you'd have to look into a Princess-operated excursion. You asked my opinion of what I thought of your plan to wing it those two, half days. I, personally, would not overbook myself or the kids. Denali has much more to chose from, and I don't think you need to worry about finding enough to do. Don't forget that a lot of time will be eaten up by the time you get to the lodge, get settled in your rooms, and have lunch. As for McKinley, if the kids know in advance that their two half days will be filled with arriving at the lodge, getting settled, having some lunch and then taking in a few trails, I'd leave it at that. They have a full day of activity to look forward to the next day. But you certainly know your children and grandchildren best. If you are all happy to spend a couple hours on the back deck of McKinley playing cards (etc) and watching for "the mountain to come out," then by all means, use your two half days to relax a bit and take in the gorgeous scenery and hope you are among the lucky 30% who get to see the mountain. But if the kids are going to be restless and unhappy, well then, book them up. I wish you clear skies, moderate temps, an abundance of animal sightings, and the making of some grand family memories!
  14. So glad to hear you enjoyed the Tattoo. It is pricey. I am hoping for decent weather that day. Good weather makes such a difference when touring. And thanks for the confirmation regarding finding a small tour for Edinburgh. I am conversing back and forth with a tour guide, and so far we are considering a two hour walking tour of Edinburgh and then driving outside the city to some of the picturesque fishing villages and then up to St Andrews for a bit of a photo op (husband is a big golfer).
  15. Our ship leaves Greenock port at 2am, so staying in the city that night is not an option, but we will dock in Edinburgh a few days later. Realizing the value of a private tour is why we are pursuing that option and asking for recommendations.
  16. Thank you for sending on this option. Much appreciated.
  17. We are taking this same tour from Greenock. I am very happy to hear you had a great time! The itinerary says we will get to Edinburgh about 4 - 5 pm and have time to find dinner before the Tattoo. I have read that Edinburgh is mobbed and it is difficult to find a place to eat. Can you tell me about your experience with that? Someone suggested we get reservations somewhere. I don't think we are looking for anything too fancy, just a good meal.
  18. Thanks, but Edinburgh is my last port to research/book. And best of luck to you and your sore heart. I lost my mom when I was 30 and she only 54. It's been a very long time now, but my heart still sore.
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