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  1. hahaha Are you slide-shaming us? We are consummate Norwegians and we have always enjoyed our NCL waterslides. If Royal's doesn't compare, that's a shame. NCL's are great. We'll take water slides wherever we can find them. Atlantis. Maya Lost Kingdom. Disney. We like our slides. I respect your opinion. lol
  2. I'm normally cruise with NCL, but I'm kind of sick of the same old ports as well. I asked social media for a specific itemization of what will be on the AMPed Oasis and they said, "Hi, Alicia. I'll check on this and get back you once I have the info. -Gwen"
  3. There is a significant price difference between Symphony and Oasis (AMPed) at the time of our desired sailing at the end of this year. Oasis Balcony starts at $835 for Dec. 14 sailing. Miami, Florida | Cruising | Labadee, Haiti | Falmouth, Jamaica | Cruising | Cozumel, Mexico | Cruising | Miami, Florida Symphony Balcony starts at $1232.00 for Dec. 15 sailing. Miami, Florida | Cruising | Basseterre, St. Kitts | Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas | Cruising | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas | Miami,Florida Harmony Balcony starts at $852.00 for Dec. 15 sailing. Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas | Cruising | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Philipsburg, St. Maarten |Cruising | Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida That's an enormous price difference between Symphony and the two others. And, after you start looking at the details the Harmony is $1102 and $1375 for ocean view w/ balcony and ocean view with large balcony respectively. Oasis is $900 and $1097. Symphony is $1316 and $1594.00. I'd happily book Oasis if she's getting all the upgrades I've heard about. I found this website, but it's confusing to me what the green highlighted updates mean. https://www.*****.com/2018/04/30/royal-caribbean-releases-royal-amplified-fleet-upgrade-schedule
  4. I keep hearing rumors that the Oasis class ships will all have water slides a la Harmony and Symphony. Does anyone know if the dry dock coming up in 2019 will include this? It sounds silly but a ship with no water slides is a deal breaker for my teens and spouse. Thanks!
  5. DandDM I was trying to tell YOU about the sail free promotion for August 2016 and I just realized I directed my post ^ to OP.
  6. Hi OP. I must confess I did not read the entire thread and even worse, I'm posting a month late. However, I just wanted you to know if you are willing to push your cruise back to August instead of July, I saw a friends and family sail free discount on the website. Additionally, if you have not already done it, you can purchase an AARP membership (yes, even if you are under 55 - they are called associate memberships) and still obtain your AARP discount. I booked the trip August 13-20 and was able to book a suite for under 10K with four people because of the kids sail free. It was cheaper than booking 2 balconies with 2 people in each room. Take care!
  7. 276. Oh how I've missed you guys. No cruise this year had me in a dark place. :p
  8. I don't get rudeness from that post...I thought it was a tongue in cheek envious comment.:confused: anyway congrats OP and happy sailing. I hope you have a great time.
  9. Contact publicrelations@ncl.com. They keep historical data on their promotions so if your OBC was part of a promotion on your booking date, they will be able to look it up. Been there done that and it was resolved.
  10. Freestyle, Entertainment, and NOBODY does SUITE like Norwegian.
  11. I once had an over limit bag by airport standards. DELTA wanted to charge me extra. The port commented about my having a body in my luggage but no mention was made of an extra fee. They don't look that closely for extra luggage.
  12. 7 more days. I think this thread never dies because somehow you just feel better posting how many days you have left. LOL
  13. Echoing the previous poster, they seat you at a table by yourselves unless you specifically ask to be seated with others. It is exactly the same as if you were going to most typical restaurants - you'd be seated with only the party you come in with.
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