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  1. Thanks all. Looks like there won't be an issue with boys visiting the slides on their own without dragging us in tow. They will be relieved that Dad won't be cramping their style. I'll be relieved that I won't keep losing my lounge chair. Thanks folks.
  2. I have 2 boys ages 14 and 12 that both meet the height and weight minimums for the water slides. Found a pic of water slide signage that says children must be supervised by a parent; but they do explictly state any age. This would certainly be an activity that I would be comfortable with my boys having the freedom to visit on their own without the need for parental supervision. Wondering if others have allowed their 12 year olds to visit the slides on their own without concerns from the Crew. Bill
  3. Does anyone know if Royal would accommodate cash withdrawals from visa if necessary? Bill
  4. We know that Royal Caribbean is a cashless society but wondering if that applies to StarBucks onboard as well. Wifey thinks that they may require cash because they are seperate from Royal Caribbean. Can anyone confirm.
  5. I was reading something that mentioned that RCCL no longer issues you a seapass card at check-in counter. They supposedly now hang your seapass cards on the cabin doors. You retrieve your seapass card when the cabin area is opened at 1pm. My concern is how are they protecting my seapass card from being stolen and used to make purchases before I have had a chance to retrieve it. This seems like a major security lapse - it'd be like a credit card company hanging my replacement credit card my house door until I get back from work. I am hoping there is some kind of security control or activation step that ensures the card can only be used/activated by the intended person. Bill
  6. Hi, We are sailing Harmony of the Seas in March 2019. The itinerary states the ship arrives in cozumel at 8am and departs 7pm. I have two questions: Q1: How long from time the ship arrives to the time that they will allow passengers off the ship. Q2: How long prior to depart time do they require all passengers to be back on board. The reason for my questions is that we plan to book a dolphin excursion (15min away from pier) direct with the excursion company (will save 400$ off same Royal Carib excursion). We need to book a specific time slot for the dolphin experience time slot. We'd like to book the 11am dolphin experience which requires us to be onsite at the dolphin discovery site no late than 10:15am. The dolphin discovery is only 15 min from the pier; but what I don't know is when I can safely expect to be off the ship and make it through the security to the cab stands.
  7. *** First, I am almost tempted to address this message directly to Bob (Clarea); only because he seems to be continually at his computer waiting for questions to come in that are needing answers. Hahaha. Almost every question I have asked on here is initially responded to by bob; and usually within minutes. I can't reach a Royal Caribbean agent that quick! My very first question posted to cruise critic about 8 years ago was answered by Bob. And even now; he is still answering. I have to think he works for cruise critic as their Professional Question Answer Guy. Well, Just a quick shout out to Bob to say "Thanks for all the help and guidance you have given the group over these many years". Here is one more for you and the group to help me with **** Sailing on Harmony of the Seas on March break. I made what could be a costly mistake of booking a return flight from Fort Lauderdale back to Canada that departs FLL at 11am. Per the airline guidelines; international flights expect me to be at airport by 9am (2hours prior to international flight) and bags must be checked by 10am (1 hour prior to international flight). I have been looking into any hustling details I can find to increase my odds of getting to flight on time. I have started looking into the TSA trusted traveller program in hopes to minimize my time through Terminal 18 (albeit I am still waiting for approval and might not receive it in time for cruise). My next thought is to find a way to make sure I am one of the first in line for self-disembarkation. If you are self disembarking, where do you line up? And how soon can I line up there? I am prepared to line up well in advance of ship even getting to port if it will improve my chances of getting to airport in time. Just not sure what door they use to disembark. Bill
  8. Hi, I learned from this forum that if I prebook my drink packages/excursions on line before sailing, it is somewhat discounted. I have a few questions: 1) I am wondering what the payment options are. Do you pay in full by credit card or is it added to your cruise folio account? 2) If I prebook my drink package/excursions and then a deal comes out; can I get my pre-booking refunded and rebook at the lower price? 3) What is typically the best deal on an adult drink package. Right now it is showing 20% off. Is this about the best to be expected. We are 90 days out. 4) Drink package currently says "From 73$ CDN per day". Not understanding the "From". This implies some other pacakges that are higher priced but I only see the one adult package available.....so why "From" vs "Is". Thanks
  9. Hi Clarea, Thank you for the reply. So if the cash account option allows spending up to $500 against the equivalent of a Royal Cruise Loan; is there at least an ability for parents to have their children's seapass card disabled for all financial transactions altogether? ie. Not a Credit Card Charge Account AND not a cash account. Simply a room key. Bill
  10. Hi We are a group of 5 travelling on a cruise in March some of responsible for our own respective charges. We are trying to understand how the onboard charge account vs cash account works and if it is applied by person or by stateroom. I don't have experience with a "cash account" but presume this would be where you put a deposit on your seapass card and draw it down until you hit $0 remaining. Is that correct? Here is the setup we are hoping for but not sure if possible: Passenger 1/2: Share an onboard charge account secured by Passenger 1's credit card. Passenger 3: Has his own onboard charge account secured by his own credit card Passenger 4 (Child): Cash account that he can draw until it his 0$ Passenger 5 (Child): No charge or cash account. Cannot purchase things. Are all these scenarios workable? Bill
  11. My wife and I are taking our 3 boys on a Harmony cruise for the their 2019 March School Break. We prefer the 6pm traditional dining but Royal is saying it is waitlisted. They have placed us on the 8pm traditional dining and on waitlist for 6pm. I have been calling Royal every two weeks since booking way back in July 2018 to see if any 6pm dining has come available but all they really tell me is that I am on the waitlist. Any suggestions how to increase my odds of getting into the 6pm traditional dining; preferably a table of 8-12? Thanks Bill
  12. Hi Folks, A group of 5 of us will be travelling on a Royal cruise in March bunking together within 2 staterooms. We are all platinum level C&A members except one person of the 5. I am curious if our non status friend will be permitted the same benefits as rest of the group since he will be bunked in a room with a platinum level person. The benefit we are most interested in is the priority boarding check-in line. Would he be expected to line up in the regular line or would he be able to use the priority check-in with the rest of us? Bill
  13. Hi Folks, I have booked return flights for our upcoming cruise and am wondering if I allowed enough time to make it from cruise to flight for my return flight back to Canada leaving out of FLL Airport. We are sailing Harmony which arrives back in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday March 17. We plan to use self-assist disembarkation. I am planning to hail a cab at the cruise port. Our flight boards at ~10:50am with departure at 11:20am. I am hoping to get nexus cards for all of us but need to assume we won't have benefit of that. Do I have enough time? I am not sure what to expect for cabs outside the port. Are there cabs waiting outside airport to be hailed and if so is it relatively quick to grab one OR do I need to pre-arrange one?
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