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  1. Just got off the Bliss from a 7 day Mexican Riviera. As I was disembarking, I was thinking of how to describe NCL Bliss. Tina Turner's some came to mind... Simply the best! Better than all the Rest! I've been on Breakaway, Getaway, Escape and now the Bliss. The Bliss is the first redesigned ship and it seems like they were listening to Cruise critic complaints.... too crowded and too smoky from smokers. Crowding - got fixed by moving the restaurants on front and back of the ships. It didn't feel crowded at all. I've even rode the elevators 3-4 times and I'm the only one. Smoking - the dreaded smoke from the mid ship Casino solved. They simply enclosed the smoking section. Great Idea! It made a big difference in comfot I hope they continue with the enclosed smoking area on the Leonardo ships. The cons in MY opinion..... the race track is nice but it took away precious space for sun worshippers. It's pushing people to pay for The Vibe. Food Republic - they got rid of the Wasabi sushi bar and the noodle shop put it into the Food Republic but triple the price. Om the Wasabi bar, you can get a roll for $3.50 Rolls. At Food Republic, it's $12. Soups and noodles as well were outrageous pricing. Food is good. I would go here once and that's it. This is the nickel and dime restaurant on Bliss. Other alacarte restaurants had decent pricing. Just as a sample, Me and wifey shared a meal (soup, sushi and an appetizer) and it came out to more than $50. Margaritaville - moved from ala carte to a fixed $18 pricing for appetizer, main course and dessert. Priced right for $18 but too much food for 1 person. They don't allow sharing so you'll end up taking ot back to your room or stuff it all and have your gut deal with trying to digest all that food. Manhattan Room - this used to have a different menu than Taste or Savor but now all 3 comp dinings have same menu. Cost cutting at the bottom line. I didn't mind this at all. It just takes away planning of eating at Taste then Manhattan on a different day just to try a different menu. All the same now so we just went where it's less crowded. They are now repositioning the ship to NYC. I recommend CC'ers from the east coast to try the Bliss. Simply the best. Overall Bliss, in my opinion, is the best out of all the Breakaway Class ships. Encore will be the last one and they'll start making smaller ships after Encore. I've read this before but it seems like it's true. The crowd from this cruise out of LA is much nicer than NY crowd. I'm a native NYer and used to little outburts every once in a while but non on this cruise. All nice! Passengers smiling, saying good morning to each other and saying sorry when you get bumped. Made for a more enjoyable cruise. maybe that's the norm outside of NY. Just not used to it. Insert smiley face here. Sidenote......
  2. My 6th cruise on NCL and it came out to be the cheapest cruise fare I've paid. #1. Booked a guaranteed balcony cabin for the first time with 20% casino discount. #2. Used two cruise next deposit. #3. Got a midship balcony room assigned. Already ahead at this juncture with the casino discount and a midship cabin. #4. Noticed a price drop and called NCL. Got bumped up to a Mini-suite. Got assigned a midship mini suite. Jackpot! #5. We always pay for thermal suite access. It's $250pp so $500 for both of us.. I bid for a spa suite upgrade for less than $400. I figured I was going to pay for it anyway, saving an extra $100 would be good. Last night, I was booking excursions and added the two thermal access as well and was going to cancel the bid coz I wanted to guarantee the spa access. I got sleepy so I said I'll do it the next day and went to sleep. Today, I got an email that My bid got accepted for the spa mini suite. I did well. I computed how much it was if I paid for a spa mini-suite compared to how much I put in. Spa mini suite for my itinerary was $3300. I paid less than half. Stars do align every once in a while with the help from above. Thank you!. Hoping it happens to you as well.
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