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  1. I'm headed out of Baltimore on the 9th to Bermuda too. Looks like the same concerns. Our ship is due to dock in Bermuda on the 12th (same day forecasts have Florence hitting Bermuda). I have never been there because the cost is a lot higher than going to other places like the Bahamas etc. I even splurged for a balcony room. I have been so looking forward to this trip for the last 9 months. from what everyone is saying, they will more than likely head south as Florence is headed north west. I just hope like heck that we don't go to New England as everything in my suitcase is beach wear!
  2. I'm booked to leave for Bermuda out of Baltimore this Sunday the 9th and so is a category 3 hurricane! Looks like Florence is due to hit Bermuda head on around Wednesday...same day we are scheduled to arrive in Bermuda. I hope for our sake and Bermuda and its residents that it doesn't happen, but if it does... I've taken a lot of cruises in hurricane season, but luckily never one at the same time. What happens in this circumstance? Will Carnival decide to cancel? Change itineraries...by Friday? Saturday? Anyone with experience with this type of situation?
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