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  1. I raised this issue with Captain Massa and he said, and I quote 'the tap water in the cabin is safe to drink, but always, I am inviting guests to drink from beverage stations'.
  2. Here is the Buffet drinks menu as at 7/26
  3. Maybe he means the water doesn't comply to the EU Drinking Water Directive ie is safe to drink but is not classified as drinking water as additional monitoring and testing would need to be applied. I'll see if I can get an answer.
  4. We are on a sea day today so sat on our aft suite looking over the back of the ship. Highly recommended if you can get them. Much bigger shower and wrap around balcony bigger than the pictures showed and generally well shaded. We have the Opera at 4pm (Puccini's Madam Butterfly - the short version). Only on Seaside!
  5. Another fun fact. The Bridge of Sighs is called Bridge of Sights on all the internal maps by the elevators.
  6. I can only speak for Seaside, and yes, you can buy them. $15 each from guest services. Im not sure I would buy one though. Your cruise card is RFID enabled so you can use it on the screens around the ship etc. You don't need the wrist band. Its useful if you don't have any pockets and is water proof so good for a day around the pool.
  7. We are on Aurea now on Seaside. Each adult gets a wristband and cruise card when you check in at Miami, before you get on the ship. Kids don't get them. You have to buy them at kids club.
  8. I'm using the 5GB standard package for two devices. We are both logged in at the same time. My wife has currently used 6GB and I have used 3GB so we got a total of 10GB shared between the number of devices. I was surprised at that. We both had to log in with same account on both devices.
  9. Checked and in both Nassau and St Thomas, all adults need a government photo ID as well as their cruise card. My UK driving license worked in St. Thomas ( for example).
  10. Agreed. It's one of the only complaints I have with the MDR on Gala night. People showing lack of respect by wearing jeans, shorts etc and MSC/ maitre D not directing them toward the Buffett.
  11. QQ. We are on the same cruise as you but in an Aurea aft suite. Do people dress for dinner in the YC dining room?
  12. Set up the navy blue YC deck towels provided by another butler who introduced himself at the YC sun pool deck. (Bring a wad of singles $$ for tipping) Just an additional note for non US customers. Tipping is is absolutely not expected or required anywhere on the ship. Being a Swiss / Italian cruise line, all services are included in the fare / service charge, so no need to tip extra as you would be expected to if you were in the US. Note for US readers, most Europeans, Australians, Asians find tipping demeaning which is why we have a problem with it but happy to do so when in the US as it's the custom and is expected.
  13. Few more observations. I bought the standard internet package of 5GB for two devices. Turned out I had a 10GB allowance, shared between the two devices. This is tracked by the login page. The speciality restaurants have a deal called a trio, that's three dinners. You can negotiate with different restaurants and they will also add a forth ( the sushi menu) so you can four for three. Kids 12 and under have a special menu for $12. The ice cream and chocolate are excellent. The small ice cream cup came as part of our drinks package (classic) an though the cup is small, they pile it high. We are Gold members and got a MSC pen and mini backpack as in room gift with bowl of fruit. The service charge was added to our bill on second day. $12.50 per adult per day and $6.25 for kids. MSC have announced this charge will no longer apply to new UK bookings (presumably included in fare).
  14. Thats interesting. We would have been on same cruise ( we are on two week back to back). I had my ID but wife and kids didn't have theirs. We are back in Nassau this weekend so will verify.
  15. For island hopping. Neither Jamaica, Cozumel or Grand Cayman require ID or passport. Nassau does require a passport and you will have to go to immigration if you don't have one on the return (to get a lecture from immigration). They eventually let you back on. Ironically, they don't check when you get off.
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