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  1. Absolutely true. But it's nice for the ones that can/will/do ...One of the best high end offerings at sea, but the experience sailing 'regular' is still a joy and a pleasure 99% of the time. So glad you enjoyed
  2. Looked tasty Bea ....but no guinea pig fritters? 😀 In Boston there's a place with Kerrygold butter....now that's Irish diary at its best from my my childhood!
  3. Safe flight and bon voyage to you both NYC and Meraviglia are waiting!
  4. Nothing against a little global fast food for sure πŸ‘ But as Simon Cowell would say it's a no from me regarding πŸ•πŸ©πŸˆπŸ€πŸ’πŸ¦πŸ—πŸΈπŸ§πŸ˜πŸΊπŸ’πŸ›πŸœπŸπŸž
  5. Is you regular line a secret? Or can we all share gastro heaven on the high seas? As for Peru ...bravo, but they serve nice steak there you know over kids pets. I've no doubt over stepped the mark so I'm off..... Having a canary and next doors cat for breakfast
  6. Yes I know... Wednesday to board Friday? Not just Boston...I've moved to NYC to coincide with your arrival too πŸ˜‰ One of those days has a ship I'm keen to sail too ...RCI Anthem of the seas, so double BENEFIT!
  7. Please remove the last word Bea! Nearly chocked on my pina colada
  8. Yes it is totally possible.
  9. Jacking a ladies diet thread....must be Wrong! Forget it and go with the flow...there's a guy up here near me, formally off the TV cruise channel who promised me there were no calories at sea as they're not allowed to board...LIAR! I blame him that every time I board I'm 3% heavier, by the way I've done the maths and that means by the time I board a wonder class vessel I will need to sing "all aboard" as I enter with he fruit and veg via the mechanical gangway πŸ˜‚ Now someone has told me if you drink very fast tge calories don't hold... so there's a top tip if sharing πŸ‘
  10. Love a good piano bar...especially when I'm relaxed and mellow (Mrs Frank may well use a different word πŸ˜‚)! Spot of late night jazz ...Nice! There was a guy and his guitar on Fantasia in that Atlantico lounge with the alchemy cocktails. His voice was actually only average at best, but his guitar work was awesome and he played sets that had everything you could imagine. A great late night gig with quality drinks, great service in a lovely setting....things like that you always remember.
  11. Well I've just searched MSC and all leading brokers ....I cannot find a sex cruise listed anywhere!!
  12. Yes... I think if you make bold statements you should be willing and able to back them up, even though they are merely your own thoughts, which may be supported by others or not! Everything and I mean everything was geared to the Brazilian market, a fellow passenger argued this was to be expected if you board a ship in Brazil and one with 99% Brazilian occupancy. My counter argument was that the ship was LEAVING Brazil and a cruise operated by a renowned cosmopolitan line should be more diverse within structuring the cruise. One of the biggest negatives and for me the worst was the round the ship entertainment, something I love with a drink as you pass through the vessel methodically of an evening. I have nothing against Salsa, like Country on Carnival or say Hip-Hop in smaller measures, my musical taste is varied, balanced and apreciative, but Salsa all day and night and every single day! The same four acts rotating around venues playing the same set over and over. The entertainment team offering Latino dances with passengers all night (well no option given the soundtrack)! Salsa classes everyday, and always where I was trying to find respite lol To be fair the food was more varied in the MDR and the speciality restaurants of course, but the buffet was Latin city. The crew were heavily Brazilian too, now that was mixed ...Some were as rude as the majority of the passengers, but we did meet and thus gravitate towards a few and three of these were the best of the best. Staff advised us that it was great to have other nationalities back aboard again, indicating that it had been a tough few months with loud rude partying locals aboard on 3/4 booze cruises! I suggested that I had noticed they didn't really drink or least it seamed that way ...The tale was beer was the order of the day and the ship had only just reverted back to stocking a full bar, hence any shortcomings (to be fair I found the drinks choices fully satisfactory and I'm a drinker!). Further coversations uncovered the short trips previously whilst in Brazil were made up of groups of lads, girls or mixed groups that party'd till dawn, were found uncincious in the passageways surrounded by empty beer bottles and we're generally very OTT party people. Thank God I didn't book a local cruise prior to the repo sailing, preferring to spend time on land and enjoy Brasil ....which we did! As I have hinted already, the passengers were rude in the main but cultures, age (the older generation were in control here trust me!) and of course language do play a part in this and you have to be flexible and open minded on sailings with lines like MSC. That said this was grim and certainly the worst experience I have had linked to the other/fellow passengers. In Europe a lot of emphasis is placed on other nationalities pushing and shoving over the 'join a queue to form a queue British!), but this mob took things to a new level lol Line jumping Line holding Seat hogging Table management ....the list goes on. But Seaview was/is a great ship and although she's returning to Brazil soon I'd sail her again for sure, possibly in the Emirates when she seasons there.
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