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  1. Weird. Mine doesn’t say. Just that I need to be a VIFP, which I am. I’ve scoured my documents but nothing comes up.
  2. I feel like I have looked through everything, but I must be missing it ... Is there a way to see what type of fare/promotion you booked your cruise with (Early Saver, Casino promo, etc)? I honestly don’t remember what I chose when I booked it, as it was late at night... 😂🤓🤪😴 (Possibly needed details... Booked cruise on my own via Carnival.com, use the app and online browser, less than 90 days til cruise, Family Harbor cabin) Thank you!
  3. I have no problems logging in with my username and PW when accessing the forums from the web/site. However, if I try to use the app and login with the same credentials, it doesn’t recognize me. Thanks in advance for help!
  4. Can’t wait to read more! We are doing this trip in September (90 days!) as a family. My son (age 8) is an experienced cruiser on several lines, as am I, but it will be my husband’s first cruise, as well as our daughter (age 2).
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