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  1. My wife and I are off to Cuba and Panama in late March on Discovery 2 and was wondering if anyone has experience of shore excursions in Panama and Costa Rica. The other ports on this cruise seem straight forward but these two have lots of excursions and we are not into something too adventurous. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Patrick
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I was just asking about peoples experience on this subject. I saw our GP who could only tell me what I already knew about where Yellow Fever was in the area we are cruising to. I was interested in where we would be asked for a certificate as we had been to somewhere Yellow Fever is known to be, Columbia and Panama, and Jamaica is supposed to ask for a certificate but I haven't found anyone who experienced this. I went to our local travel clinic and was advised not to have the injection because of my age and they will provide an exemption certificate before we travel. Thanks again.
  3. We are going on the Discovery 2 in March 2019 for a back to back cruise to Cuba and the Panama Canal. I have seen no mention of the need for a Yellow Fever Vaccination for this cruise from Marella and that some cruise companies make it a requirement of boarding. I know that both Columbia and Panama have the virus and that some countries require a certificate upon entry. I am 70 and my wife is 69 and have never been vaccinated against these beasties and have been told there are risks at our age. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Patrick
  4. Our booking was in 2017 so that would be why they wanted to charge for my credit card. thanks
  5. In February 2018 we went on a back to back cruise on Marella Discovery to the Caribbean. It was a great cruise but at the start, as we were registering, I was told that if I used my Credit Card I would be charged 2.5% on top so I used a Debit Card. At the time I was under the impression that had been stopped by legislation in the UK but Marella couldn't help me on that one. Has anyone come across this problem in the past year. Thanks for any replies. Patrick
  6. mactire

    Columbus Christmas Cruise

    Thanks for that. We shall probably go for a short walk.
  7. We are on the Columbus Christmas Cruise this year and wonder if anyone knows where we berth in Amsterdam?
  8. mactire

    Cuba Visa

    Thanks for a prompt reply. Money and time saved. Patrick
  9. We are going to Cuba and Panama on the Discovery 2 in March 2019. I assume we have to get our own Cuban Visa. We spent two weeks in Cuba in 2005 and the tour operator provided the visa. Anyone been there lately? Thanks for any help. Patrick
  10. We are going to Cuba and Panama on the Discovery 2 in March 2019. When do the shore excursions become available? Thanks for any help.
  11. Does anybody have a copy of a typical MDR menu for the Columbus. We are on there for Christmas this year and it's our first time with CMV. Thanks for any help.
  12. mactire

    CMV Columbus meal times

    I assume the meal times quoted are for the MDR. A kettle in the cabin would be nice. I like my coffee first thing and if I have to pay for it I shall go the Lido and fetch it, as I have done many times. Good morning exercise. That of course depends on what their coffee is like. If there is one thing I know is coffee and always carry my own, just in case.:D
  13. We are considering a trip to the Panama Canal on Magellan in March 2019, a total of 34 days, and was wondering is it a good idea. She seems a small ship and what is she like crossing the Atlantic. Reviews seem mixed. We are in our late 60s so are not looking for bells and whistles as the ports are the most important part of our cruises. We are having our first CMV experience at Christmas on the Columbus to the Canary islands. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)
  14. From what I have seen online when the Columbus was renamed in 2017 a deal was made with Whittards the tea company and they produce very good tea.
  15. mactire

    Credit Card charges on CMV

    Our cruise was on January 21st. They charged 2% for credit cards but no charge for debit cards.