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  1. Where will the dry dock work be done on the Navigator? In Miami or somewhere else? I believe it starts today.
  2. Still looking for anyone with knowledge of these rooms. Thanks!
  3. Of course, we sail her on the March 15 trip so would love insight prior.
  4. That's true, just wondering if there was someone out there that had experience with these or 7610/7310.
  5. This is a picture of 6310 according to cruise deck plans note over the bed the ceiling is segmented and does not show a drop down area that it would be located. Wondering if the couch is considered the "pullman " in this cabin. The picture below is another cabin on the Navigator that you can see the drop down section.
  6. Thank you Ken, I do know it is listed that way however I have been told that this is incorrect and pictures of these cabins that I have seen do not show a drop down section in the ceiling. I am hoping someone who has actually stayed in this room would be able to confirm or not the drop down.
  7. Has anyone stayed in either of these cabins? They are listed as pullman beds however every picture I can find do not show a drop down section over the bed area. From previous experience the "deck plans " are not always correct. Looking for personal experience with these two or pictures of these. Thanks in advance!
  8. I would choose Crystal Cruiseline to see how it differs in luxury to the other ships I have sailed.
  9. Thank you for your dining update. Maybe I missed it but could you tell me what the 4 restaurants you rotated through were? I know you mentioned Silk. We are doing the classic dynamic in May and very interested in any input on it. Thank you
  10. Thanks, great video looking forward to our trip even more.
  11. It appears you did the 3B precruise tour which we are doing in a few weeks. Can you tell me the schedule you had for embarkation day going from Alyeska to Seward? Thank you
  12. We are doing the Radiance with the precruise 3B tour. We will be going arriving in Seward on embarkation day but a tour of the Sealife Center is included I noticed it was not part of what you did. How long did it take to go from Alyeska to Seward? Thank you for such an in-depth report it has helped in our planning.
  13. We are doing the land portion of our cruise tour prior to embarkation. Our itinerary has us being picked up at the Hotel Alyeska traveling to Seward to the Alaska Sealife Center then boarding the ship. Has anyone done this itinerary before and if so what time did you board the ship? I know it does not sail until later but looking to possibly book an early spa treatment and planning for lunch. Thanks!
  14. We plan to use the Laundromall near the Aleyska Lodge when we go as we will have just completed one week on land and will be starting one week on ship the next day. http://www.girdwoodchamber.com/girdwood-laundry-the-laundromall/
  15. ace1zoe2, Thank you for all your information, will be following along as you go. We are booked for a cruisetour in August of 2014 and looking for any money saving tips we can find. I research everything to death and my family makes fun of me but who do they call when it is time to go? ...Me. Loving that I am not the only OCD planner out there. Thanks for the tip on Alaska Airlines already pricing and their prices are much better to start than anybody else, coming from the east coast. Can't book flight for a few months but definitely will look into the credit card. Will definitely look into the coupon books as well. I did notice the following "The Companion Fare Discount Code is not valid with multi-city shopping" on their web site but you did not seem to have a problem. Thanks again for all your research as I will be using it for my first trip to Alaska.
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