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  1. Where will the dry dock work be done on the Navigator? In Miami or somewhere else? I believe it starts today.
  2. Still looking for anyone with knowledge of these rooms. Thanks!
  3. Of course, we sail her on the March 15 trip so would love insight prior.
  4. That's true, just wondering if there was someone out there that had experience with these or 7610/7310.
  5. This is a picture of 6310 according to cruise deck plans note over the bed the ceiling is segmented and does not show a drop down area that it would be located. Wondering if the couch is considered the "pullman " in this cabin. The picture below is another cabin on the Navigator that you can see the drop down section.
  6. Thank you Ken, I do know it is listed that way however I have been told that this is incorrect and pictures of these cabins that I have seen do not show a drop down section in the ceiling. I am hoping someone who has actually stayed in this room would be able to confirm or not the drop down.
  7. Has anyone stayed in either of these cabins? They are listed as pullman beds however every picture I can find do not show a drop down section over the bed area. From previous experience the "deck plans " are not always correct. Looking for personal experience with these two or pictures of these. Thanks in advance!
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