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  1. On our recent QE cruise, the balls started at 9.15 although there was dancing before this.
  2. I recently celebrated my birthday on QE and at dinner, much to my surprise, the maitre'd and our waiters turned up with a large cake and sang happy birthday. We were in Queens Grill, so I don't know if this also happens in Brittania.
  3. We have two large suitcases which have a main zipped compartment and an outside zipped compartment. When we disembarked QE a few days ago, the main compartments were securely locked. We used the outside compartments just to store a lightweight raincoat in case of rain. These were zipped closed but not locked. On collecting our luggage at Southampton, we noticed that both of these unlocked compartments had been unzipped. It tends to suggest that sometime between being collected from our cabin and us collecting them the following morning, someone had unzipped them presumably to see if there was anything of value. Not really a problem as nothing was stolen, but I'm wondering if I should flag this back to Cunard?
  4. Just returned from a QE cruise and the band played lots of my favourites. Waltz, foxtrot and rumba. During the early evening recorded music sessions when the dance floor was not too crowded, it was possible to dance true ballroom slow foxtrot, reverting to social foxtrot when it became more crowded. Nice also to see some sequence dance sessions during the cruise.
  5. I understand that evening dinner in the grills is 6.30 until 9.00 pm. Does this mean service finishes at 9 or is it possible to commence dining at say 8.45? My wife and I spend quite a lot of time dancing in the Queens room, so we like to plan dinner time around dance sessions.
  6. Whatever travel insurance you decide on, take time to thoroughly read the small print, and then read it again, and again. A few months ago I took out a policy for a forthcoming cruise, and it was only recently that I read the small print and realised that the policy didn't cover cruise holidays. My fault entirely, but thankfully I was able to upgrade the policy.
  7. Sorry, I should have said that this was UK based insurance.
  8. We are off on a 14 night cruise in a couple of weeks, so I was just browsing the travel insurance policy which I took out when I booked the cruise a few months ago. Having found a policy which met our needs and was a reasonable price, I completed the online application and was given a list of optional extensions, one of which was cruise extension. This covered just a few items like, missed port calls, cancelled excursions, confinement to cabin etc but was rather expensive compared to the basic price of the policy. After considering this, I decided to decline the cruise extension option. However on reading the small print, I was concerned by the wording that seemed to suggest that if on a cruise, absolutely nothing was covered unless the cruise extension was taken out! Just to clarify this I contacted the insurance company and was advised that if on a cruise then cruise extension option was in fact compulsory and not an optional extra. Fortunately I am able to add the cruise extension even though it is rather an excessive cost, but it worries me that I could easily have overlooked or misinterpreted the policy wording and effectively be left without insurance. I suppose the moral of the story is always read the small print and query anything which doesn't seem clear.
  9. We usually request large tables, but on one cruise (not Cunard) we were given a table for four and sat with a couple from another country. We couldn't speak their language and one of the other couple just just manage a few words of ours. It started off to be a very quiet week at the dining table, but by the end of the week with a combination of sign language and gestures, we were having a really enjoyable time with our new friends!
  10. By the way, have you picked up the right costs $55 is around £40, not £83. You are correct. I had converted to £ for two people.
  11. Anyone done the British Isles tour and visited Edinburgh? Do you know if Cunard provide a free shuttle bus from Newhaven port to the city centre? I see from the excursion info that they offer "Edinburgh on your own" which as far as I can see is just a 15 minute coach ride to the city ..... At a whopping $55 or £83 per person. The distance is just 5km and a private taxi fare for two people is just $21 or £16 return. So for two people $110 dollars excursion, or $21 taxi. Or hopefully a free shuttle bus!
  12. I had a conversation with someone at the coach company as their website was a little confusing regarding weight and sizes of suitcases. They advised me that 23kg was the maximum their driver was allowed to lift, so they quote 20kg as a maximum as from experience they know some passengers will always try to squeeze in a bit more than the limit.
  13. I guess one solution, assuming you are not going to use the minibar would be to ask for it to be emptied at the start of the cruise or locked if that's possible.
  14. I think I have figured this out. We are booked on Intercruises coach travel to Southampton and they have a 20kg per item limit. The coach booking is linked to the cruise booking, so the 20kg is shown on the tickets and luggage labels. The 20kg also applies to Eavesway coaches.
  15. Does this mean being a man I can't wear my sparkly tops and silky trousers. :D:D:D
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