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  1. How do you post a link to a tv news show? As Fouremco stated and for the last time. Horgan and the head of the provincial health department were on TV. They announced a 4 phase plan. Ok so far? International tourists and gatherings of more than 50 are not welcome until Since you don't want my posts they have now stopped. If you can tell me how to post a link to TV from Vancouver please let me know. Posting the BC Restart plan from the Colonist? Really. Read it. Do you want a link? Not until Phase 4 that begins in September or later will large gatherings or inter
  2. Guess the complainers do not watch television or read the Times Colonist. I have no idea how to post a bloody link to what I watch on TV or the Colonist. On Fox TV News it was stated the US had agreed to lift export restrictions on PPE and extend the border closing another month. This was a day or two ago.
  3. As discussed. There is no possibility of any cruises out of Vancouver until next year. BC has banned gatherings of more than 50 people.
  4. It is the same as Celebrity. Sometimes. Usually do B2B each year. Celebrity after some pressure usually came thru with $50 per cruise. Sometimes not. My TA always gave extra OBCR on the second cruise. Royal the same except for $100 once on each cruise. Simply put ask.
  5. Yes. It will move to AUD at the interbank exchange rate at the taste you use the FCC with probably a 2% charge.
  6. C2 to C1 or similar should not be an issue. Veranda to Concierge probably not. For the posts the rules of L&S seem to be subject to interpretation.
  7. Yes. Cruising will continue through June. They will still be repatriation of crew. My Ouija Board said passenger cruising will resume in June. It also said COVID will disappear tomorrow, both Canada and the US will have a surplus this fiscal year and Congress and Parliament will cease political rhetoric and work together.
  8. CBC just announced a one month extension of the non-essential border closure. Also Trudeau stated that BC would decide when the BC / Washington State border would open. BC could decide to keep its borders closed longer. There are rural areas from Montana to North Dakota and Alberta to Manitoba with little to no COVID. Those areas certainly could open sooner. Certainly clear there will not be an Alaska cruise season this year. Hopefully Celebrity will provide an announcement that cancels cruises that obviously cannot happen - even if beyond 30 days.
  9. Would guess there is no cruise director on board today. Will be a multitude of changes when cruising resumes.
  10. Wow! I am aware of several TAs with big problems. Among the worst on through a huge membership store. Choose carefully.
  11. Mine is a big box TA in NJ with a complete travel site. The "expedite" things.
  12. That is easy. You have one contact for everything. My TA responds to calls or emails even today within 24 hours. If there is a confusion they are calling on my side. They have contacts that are more informed than the average Celebrity agent working from home. There is also a financial benefit to me. Usually my TA has group space a couple hundred dollars cheaper and perks even on a TA. I also receive OBCR in the 5-10% of the base fare.
  13. When that happens we will cruise again. DW has asthma and fights blood pressure. While we miss cruising, there are lots of other things to do. Have cruises starting August of 2021. Usually do 2 or 3 a year. I don't think it likely cruising will resume without a vaccine. There is a significant risk both to people on board - crew and passengers - and financial risk to the cruise line. Last spring - especially March demonstrated the risks.
  14. Carnival said it takes approximately 200 crew. That to be able to resume full operation rapidly. In a semi mothballed state at anchor or dock less. Am sure there are some experts here.
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