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  1. Many people have been commenting on being able to find others to join their tour to fill it. I booked a six person tour for Rome and for Florence, then posted on the roll call for joiners. I did get it filled about 2 mos out from the trip. 3 days before, one of the couples was not able to take the trip, so I posted again on the roll call for 2 open spots last minute. I got them filled quickly and could have filled additional spaces. I would say don't panic, many people are just not planning to that extent just yet, but when it gets close will jump at an inexpensive option that fills the day and is much less hassle. Not that I would recommend waiting until a few days out, but maybe a few weeks out would be a good time to repost if you still have open spots. Some have also asked about the tour guide for the Vatican. I did get one and would recommend it if you are looking to learn anything about what you see there. I am not Catholic and had a small collection of knowledge about the Vatican. The tour guide was very helpful as it is a lot to cover in a very little amount of time! There is so much to see in Rome and by having the guide it makes you quick stop much more informational. I also want to comment on the lunches. Yes, I am sure the drivers have deals with local restaurants, but that can be said for any tourist town. Our drivers always gave us the option, and we could choose whatever we wanted. We ended up going with their suggestions and one was good, but not amazing while the other was the most amazing experience. Opinions on restaurants vary from person to person, as does what one finds 'good food' to be. Our two restaurants could not have been more different, but if you thought about our drivers, they fit their personalities. One was more upscale while the other was loud and family style. Ironically the loud one was our favorite as it seemed more authentic, though at home we would probably choose the more upscale style. I highly recommend Rome in Limo, and wish we did more trips with them during our vacation. Our best memories are of those trips, and our favorite cities are the ones we took tours in. Yes, you can do it on your own and spend less, and in some cities I would say that is perfect. But if there is a lot to see and only a day to see it all, Rome in Limo would be my first choice!!!
  2. We just returned from our Mediterranean cruise, and our best ports were the ones we did a Rome in Limo tour at. We chose Florence/Pisa and Rome. In Florence we had Vinnie. He gave us so much insight about how Italians live, what the local culture is like, etc. We were able to customize out tour by asking him to take back roads instead of the highway and hitting a winery along the way. Things like this are what makes this tour so much better than one through the ship. In Rome, we had Big Luca, who was hysterical! We thought we had our own family member showing us around. Both guides definitely made us feel comfortable and welcome. Plus, with small tour sizes, you can ask any question you want, spend extra time at a place you decided you need to see more of, less another or skip it all together. So easy to personalize the tour without having to do a ton of research, thinking and worrying. I wish we had booked more tours for our vacation. They were extremely reasonable, and made the city tour that much better because you didn't have to do any work yourself. Just hop in the new Mercedes mini van and enjoy!! You were able to see so much more because the guides were so knowledgeable and familiar with everything. Plus they know the local tips for things like where to get tickets without waiting, where to eat to have the local experience, etc. I can't wait to go back and use this company again. I highly recommend them!!!!
  3. I sail on Monday, and got the first call (voicemail and email) just over two weeks out. They called again just under 2 weeks out and I was able to connect with them. I booked directly with Carnival, about 3 weeks ago. I usually use Vacations to Go, but Carnival was actually less expensive this time.
  4. Mine called my home number and left a voicemail and emailed. At first I thought it was just another gimmick, but by the time I was able to respond it was past their office hours on a Friday. But, they called again the beginning of the next week. He gave me all the info and because I was sailing with friends, I had to call them first to see what they wanted to do. I was able to call back and as long as they had the room still available I could have it. There were no additional fees, just the flat charge. I am sailing with 2 other girls and we had a balcony cabin booked. He said we were selected because 3 girls needed more space...lol!!
  5. They do have the free restaurants, but there are also many that charge anywhere from $10 to $30. It is all how you look at it. Carnival only seems to have the steak house on the ones I've been on to upcharge you, where NCL packed their ship with additional fee restaurants. Bowling has a lane fee as well as shoe rental. I don't remember RC charging for ice time on their rink. I first sailed NCL after sailing CCL and RC and that was what stood out most to me. I think being charged for drinks and gambling is a pretty obvious charge since it has varying degrees to which you can take advantage of it.
  6. I'm on the same sailing and got the call too! They tried on Fri and I got an email, but couldn't reply in time. They called again earlier this week. We went from a balcony to a suite (first time!) for $300 with 3 people in the cabin. I'm excited, especially since I booked last minute and already got an amazing deal, but am even happier to think that maybe the ship won't be that full. My boarding passes and baggage tags reflect the upgrade, so it definitely wasn't a phony call. Have a great time in your upgraded rooms! See you on the boat~
  7. I have sailed on NCL Epic and Gem, am less than a week away from a sail on the CCL Freedom but have sailed Miracle years ago. I think the décor of NCL is a bit more upscale and classy as compared to the some what loud décor of CCL. I also think the entertainment on NCL is amazing. The biggest drawback for me is that NCL charges you for things every time you do anything - many of their restaurants are additional costs. While this doesn't deter me from going for the most part, I do hate the feeling of being nickeled and dimed - charge me an extra $60 to start and make it my choice to go once to each during the cruise. Many don't mind this, however. CCL, though, seems to definitely be a more laid back party crowd, which is why I selected it for a trip with my girlfriends instead of when I sail with my son. No matter which you choose, you will have a blast because you will be on vacation on the ocean!!
  8. Love the market idea! Guess that makes me strange too, but I know the girls I'm going with will get a kick outta going. Heading there in a few weeks and will definitely hit Mega. Thanks for the thought!
  9. I looked at the excursions offered by NCL and decided to see what I could find on my own for the ones that sounded fun. i had a "things to do" magazine from the last time we were in Nassau, and there is only the Blue Lagoon and Altantis that do the sea lion excursion. Once I found the website (you can also just search for the item and location), the shore excursion description was exactly the same, so it was pretty obvious. The boards also are also a great place. To check out what others have done. Have a great time!i have to wait till Dec to enjoy!:)
  10. We are going to be in Nassau on the Epic from noon to 7pm. I want to do the Sea Lion experience with my son at the Blue Lagoon, but the ship's excursion price is $60 more per person than booking it directly. I'm not sure time wise if we can make it on our own, though. Has anyone done this either through the ship or on their own? Is there enough time or should I just suck it up and be safe by booking through the cruise line? Thank you!!
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