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  1. The Getaway was our first NCL after CCL and we really enjoyed the ship! LOVED that we could get margaritas at Margaritaville with the drink package!
  2. Yes, I realize its a one time deal and we paid our cruise off the first of November. I'm not real sure when the actual drop happened. I just happened to check last week and notice.
  3. Im watching to see what happens. If nothing changes in a few days I am going to take the OBC
  4. Do you know if we call and book it with the excursion office, can we cancel prior to the cruise if we change our mind?
  5. I called ncl back again and talked to a really nice gal and I decided to wait it out. If the mini suite drops $20 we can upgrade for free. The obc would be nice but $65 isnt huge amount so if we dont get it thats ok. Thanks for the comments. I think I just needed to talk it out
  6. We are but we usually have a sea day which would be when we might do a specialty dining. Only one sea day on this cruise šŸ™‚
  7. Iā€™m just not sure if we will use the dining. Cruise is out of San Juan and port intensive. I just hate to pay $129 and have the mini suite drop $20 next week and we could have gotten it for free. Ugh!! If only I had a crystal ball lol
  8. We are booked on the epic March 2020. Just happened to look online and the price has dropped. Called NCL and they said we we could get a one time obc(not sure on the amount if she meant $65 a person or flat $65) or pay $129 total and upgrade from a balcony to a mini suite and receive all free at sea (right now we have shore excursions and drink package) OR wait and see if it drops $20 more and get a free upgrade to a mini suite with all the free at sea. My gut was to take the obc and be done as Im not sure of the likelihood the price will drop again. And thoughts? TIA!
  9. I was also unaware it was called Shorex promotion. We have never booked free at sea so this is new to us.
  10. I did try using the search and nothing came up to answer what I was looking for.
  11. If we dont prepay our gratuities would the credit come off of that? If we just book them online and pay in full?
  12. So how does the $50 credit work? We are booked on the Epic and have this as part of our package. Am I understanding correctly that you get the $50 per cabin as a credit while on the ship? Want to make sure before we start booking excursions.
  13. We liked it! The balcony was larger than most which was kind of nice. Loved the Bliss!!!
  14. We have sailed both many times and would continue to sail on both, I like them each for different reasons. The one thing we really like about NCL is the layout of the buffet. It is not one continuous counter with a long line to wait in, it is broken up into many sections allowing people to step in and out. And the selection is repeated in several areas. Just makes for a better experience. I also liked that there is food available after the dining room is closed.
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