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  1. You sure we weren’t on the same ship!! Lol This was the exact experience we were having!
  2. This happened to me on our last cruise with another line. The kids were being left unattended in the cabin and I swear they were bouncing off the walls. And running in and out of the cabin, slamming the door every time. So another good point!!
  3. Another question...can you change back to a regular category where you pick your room? Say you really hate the location?
  4. Good to know! So at that point you consider the money savings against the room location.
  5. So if you get your assignment and don’t like it can you change back to a category where you pick your own? I have never changed a booking with NCL so I’m not familiar how it works w sales etc
  6. All of the responses have been very helpful!!! The difference in price is less than I thought, $677. We are now debating just sticking with what we have. Even if we don’t drink that much I think the gap will come closer. BUT this info has been very helpful because this will definitely be something I will consider more seriously in the future!
  7. So you booked sail away for this December and got your cabin assignment right away? I guess I was assuming it didn’t happen until like the week before. And do I understand correctly the sail away category dropped in price?
  8. We are booked on the Epic out of San Juan in March. Flights are WOW expensive. Traveling with friends and really want to go so we are considering changing our booking to Sail Away to save the money for airfare. We like the drink package but knowing its a port intensive cruise we arent too upset about losing the offers. So I am just curious on peoples experiences with Sail Away. We really arent that picky about our room location. Close to elevators wouldnt bother me etc. The only thing that might is all the way forward. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. This is a valid point. You can miss a scheduled port due to weather so maybe not such a big deal we lost them.
  10. Now that would make me really sad. We loved Curacao!!! And that is a very good point!! I totally forgot about Cuba
  11. I was wondering if it was related to the hurricane they had a few years back. I haven’t followed at all so I wasn’t sure how much repair has been done. We really want to do this itinerary out of San Juan. We did it several years ago and loved it. Considered another cruiseline but maybe just too soon to go back?? Maybe we should wait a few more years
  12. Really? I looked and couldn’t find any. What ship are you on?
  13. We are booked on a cruise in March that was supposed to stop in St Marteen and St Kitts. They changed both ports and it seems this is the case of other sailings also. Anyone know why??
  14. If we do it we plan on paying the $25 deviation fee to fly the day before. We are traveling from the Midwest in February so we always fly early due to the lovely weather we have here.
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