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  1. We always book our own airfare. But we got an email from a travel agent we use with an offer for a cruise that includes the airfare. Can anyone give me their experience with this? Are they usually decent flights? Do you have any say in the times?
  2. Oh sorry. This would be Chicago or St Louis to San Juan.
  3. We are looking to book on the Epic February 16 2020 San Juan and are running into something that is new to me. There are no cabins available in the category but they will still sell us the category. Similar to Sail Away (but NOT Sail Away) and we can still select 2 offers. We have always picked our location so this is really new to me! Tell me your good bad and ugly experiences please with NCL selecting your cabin!!!! AND how much of price difference will we see on flights from Feb Vs March. We could book on the March 8th sailing for less money and pick our cabin but then are we really saving if the flights are more??? SO many decision and things to weigh!!!
  4. After our cruise I would like to rent a car for the day. We are going to see a play before we fly out late and need somewhere for our luggage. The airport storage closes too early. So I am curious if any car rental places offer a free shuttle like they do in Miami. Thanks!
  5. Following. Sailed twice on the Conquest and going for a third in March
  6. What ship are you on? We will be on the Bliss. So far everyone that selected times was on the Breakaway. Wondering if the Bliss isn’t doing it yet??
  7. Are they even offering time selection? I’m not sure I believe this guy who said he selected 930am. Lol
  8. We are sailing on the Bliss in February as part of a private group. We were not given the option of selecting a check in time and were given noon. Others that are not with the group were given the option of selecting a time as early as 930. I understand the concept of check in times because Carnival uses them. I am just curious of NCL is using them now and if they are enforced? Thanks!
  9. We are booked in Rm 12892 on the Bliss Feb 16th 2019. I can try and remember to come back and tell you what we thought. We have never had this type of balcony so I am excited to check it out! I believe ours is rear facing angled
  10. Is NCL doing check in times? We have sailed on carnival where you select a check in time when you are allowed into the terminal. We didnt do this last year on the Getaway but I havent been following the boards at all.
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