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  1. Hello! Our child is 7 and we are going next summer. Kids Club--- did you find there were kids their age to play with or did they end up combining bc there wasn't enough kids. My fear ( no offense) is he'll be stuck with toddlers if there are not as many kids on board.... He had a ball on the last cruise and I am praying for the same. I know this will be a totally new experience for all....
  2. Hi! LOVE reading your review. We had a great experience at kids club two years ago with plenty of activities BUT now you have me worried.... Taking an almost 5 year old to now an almost 8 year old will be different.... Did they not group with the ages?!?! I personally liked them grouped by ages with appropriate activities... Thank you for your review.
  3. Holy cow! WOW! I might secretly be hoping they'll call and say you can pay xyz for a balcony bc we need your OV room. One can hope. LOL
  4. Thank you! I will check out your review! Before we book flights I will see about deals like the going, going, gone..... Thank you!
  5. EXACTLY! Understandable to complain but def not worthy of compensation.
  6. I do a mock booking a few days a week. We booked in January 2019 for a June 2020 cruise to Alaska on Radiance. 3ppl (2 adults-1child) OV= $3,000 (with insurance-$137) The price has NEVER gone down once. Our travel agent said it's a good thing you booked early. We got a good price. It's up $750-800 on average weekly. Balcony....sheesh but I am thankful for an OV. Bucket list cruise! I know it's the whole supply and demand but I hate to think what the cost will be late summer for this cruise and even further on down the line.
  7. Agreed... Excursions are all the same price regardless of when you go (or very similar) but there can be quite a difference in prices at the perfect day for various activities.... 🤔
  8. I see your point but just remember if you book not directly with RCCL they are not responsible if the excursion is late and hold no liability. A lot of people have been successful with booking with someone else but it is a risk you take even for safety as well. Good luck~
  9. I really hope the line wait will go down. We've been to our fair share of water parks but can't imagine climbing that high and waiting an eternity. You would spend all of your time waiting. Not my idea of fun and it's shady how there is such a huge price range depending on the season. It seems to be all about the money but hopefully we will have more reviews coming in soon....
  10. Okay, okay you have a point. I was sympathetic towards the passengers but it would be much worse for your cruise to get cancelled completely.
  11. My family is going on a cruise in Oct and it's only their ship scheduled. Lucky ducks.
  12. Three ships= more money! Hopefully you are not standing an hour in line for a water slide.
  13. Holy crap!! I get the supply & demand but that is ludricious. Come on Royal.
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