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  1. I mean Alaska cruise hasn't dropped... Sorry. LOL
  2. Better believe cruise prices and airline prices will go up due to the massive loss of profits...We are going to be paying a lot more for our cruises in the near future....
  3. The southbound is the way to go! There is so much more you can see verses leaving out of Seattle...several articles will tell you this! Now, ROS is an older ship and that is the downfall but we are going for the ports. We have an Oceanview bc like you stated a balcony is so much more costly! The trip is already expensive enough.....We are leaving out of Vancouver and going to Seward.....
  4. WOW! You didn't cancel the cruise, RCCL did.... Definitely go up the food chain in regards to not receiving your GC back. That is not right! I'd be livid........... So sorry!
  5. Totally understand where you are coming from and I am a mom! Some parents lets their kids run wild and don't even watch them in the pool! Of course staff doesn't say anything because their hands are probably tied. Don't book any holidays or between March-August..... If you have already read your post it will not be bold anymore....
  6. Too bad cruise lines can't be straight forward. I know it is a business but Royal Up seems to be shady shade.... LOL
  7. You are correct! I am glad your agent has been amazing to you. The customer service I spoke with from USAA was wonderful now, but it was the direct travel agent whom is no longer there that I am frustrated with. Oh well. We have MTD and I will just have to live with it. 🙂
  8. Hi! I called RCCL and the 5:30 time is in fact closed. Crazy. Going forward I will receive a confirmation. We've always booked directly with Royal. It is frustrating when you call for something and told you must speak to your travel agent. I don't think $200 savings was worth the inconvenience...It just seems easier to call Royal directly and they will take care of things for you......But maybe a true travel agent it would be different....
  9. Thank you for asking! I am frustrated now. Our "travel agent" with USAA that we were using since left her job. We were never waitlisted like she said she would do for us!! I called them back and he spoke to Royal while I was on the phone. Supposedly the wait list was filled up and we could only do My Time dining for a JUNE cruise. Does this seem correct??? Thank you!
  10. It's a great deal! BUT I'd be concerned of the what if you get stuck below the galley, or loud music, etc.... Like someone else stated you have to be comfortable getting the worst location just in case. But if noise doesn't bother or location then go for it!
  11. Thank you! I was figuring but had a glimmer of hope.... Guess it is another way for the cruise line to make money! 🤑
  12. I love CC!! CC has been helpful on so many occasions. I also firmly believe big brother is always watching too.... I am sure there are some minions from all of the cruise lines on here....😎
  13. I am curious if anyone has received a phone call even with the new RoyalUp program? Or as I suspect the days of getting a phone call with a FREE upgrade is a thing of the past? I've always wanted to be surprised but has never happened. 😁
  14. Wow. I can totally understand your frustration! So many times people get slack for posting negative comments/reviews but hey no cruise is perfect! It stinks when your excursion is a bust. We had a tour train that was a complete bust on Key West.
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