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  1. The attached article has great information about cruising to or from Seattle. Lots of tips and tricks, must see's and how to's. Enjoy https://profcruise.com/a-downtown-residents-best-tips-for-cruising-out-of-seattle-in-2019/
  2. No nothing like that on Radiance.... Singapore Slings has some quiet corners and nooks however.
  3. Ah....didn't notice that they were from England..
  4. You don't need wi-fi for Uber or Lyft, just a smart phone and an account. With 5 people I would consider a Van service like Shuttle Express https://shuttleexpress.com/seattle-cruise-transfers/
  5. I always pick a specific cabin...Considerations are: 1. Port or Starboard (example Radiance from Vancouver to Hawaii....Starboard to take advantage of the sunsets) 2. Deck level Never pick a cabin under or over the pool deck, restaurants, lounges, theater, etc. 3 Mid-ship(ish) but never nearer than 5 cabins from the entrance to the elevator banks (noise) 4. No connecting doors.
  6. Not much available in that price range in downtown....The Inn at Virginia Mason...is a really good value https://www.hotelsone.com/seattle-hotels-us/the-inn-at-virginia-mason.html?as=g&aid=6144978518&dsti=224154&dstt=8&akw=inn at virginia mason&asrc=Search&ast=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgLqUqdeg4QIVdx-tBh32YQt3EAAYAiAAEgLcN_D_BwE
  7. Here is a link to a previous thread on the subject....
  8. They probably would have been embarrassed to charge me for what they did to them.
  9. I took advantage of the wash and fold special on a BTB on the Harmony last year. This is how the pants came back. Apparently you are supposed to choose a different service for pants (wash and press I think). That wasn't made completely clear. Wash and fold was fine for tee shirts, socks, underwear.....but things like Hawaiian shirts that never wrinkle when taken out of the dryer did.
  10. Have NOT SIGNED up for anything yet in Quebec City and yes we are going in a day early. What would you suggest in Quebec City??? Iam not sure I want to cancel this cruise as I got the completely FREE DRINK PACKAGE as a BONUS so there's a pretty good chance I will NOT be canceling it. Who doesn't love free drinks!!! So if you are going to be there a couple of days...definitely do a tour of the Fort.....Have drinks in Fairmont Chateau Frontenac (you'll probably take the stairs to the top of the bluff...but there is also a funicular). Have dinner in one of the sidewalk cafes......Walk (and walk and walk) and take it all in....it is amazing.
  11. Hi Chuck: You asked a question about the value of loyalty programs. With the number of cruises you've taken (15) and your age you are really not going to be able to get to the higher tiers of any programs to get meaningful benefits. I'm in my early(ish) 60's with over 30 cruises and I'm in the same boat. I'll never be a Pinnacle (RCI), 5 star (HAL) Diamond (Cunard) or Elite (Princess), I'm not loyal to one line and usually pick my cruise based upon the itinerary. The line with the best benefits for the very top level is Royal Caribbean in my opinion...and those people (Pins...) take their status oh so seriously. They can cruise in the cheapest inside cabins and get to use the nearly all the suite only facilities and three free drinks a night. All for a mere 700 points (that would be nights in a regular cabin....or double in a suite)....It's a mortality issue....I won't live long enough based upon doing 2 cruises a year, nor would I go "all in" with any cruise line. I did Quebec City to New York last year on the Zuiderdam and absolutely loved it, it is an amazing itinerary and I love the ship. Plan to spend a few days in Quebec City and don't miss the mansions in Newport. We did a "navigation suite" it was definitely not a tin can.
  12. When looking at the suite perks for Radiance of the Seas I'm pretty underwhelmed. On the Oasis class ships full suite passengers got complimentary drinks for several hours in the evenings. On the Radiance it is a self service honor bar with "no fee". I presume the fee is the gratuity, (why would you tip for pouring yourself a drink?). Curious about the setup. Do they just leave the bottles and mixers on a table, then you fill out a sheet that says what you poured? Is there a price list?
  13. Agree completely that the GS bathtubs are dangerous... First the bottom of the tub is about 10 inches higher than the floor. Then the tub sides are very high... So while you can enter the tub using the interior grab rails (essentially pulling yourself up)....exiting there is nothing to grab hold of unless you are tall enough to reach the door knob. PLUS...(and this is huge) they have a half glass door that lets a lot of water spill onto the floor. I have zero mobility issues and I was on high alert the entire cruise when showering. Andy C....love your observations and concur that suite perks should only be available to suite passengers.. Let the loyalty passengers use the loyalty lounge. You don't see Cunard diamond level passengers being able to eat in the Queens or Princess Grill.
  14. I thought the food at the CK was a snooze, especially when trying to eat vegetarian. The cauliflower steak (and I use that term lightly) was just a chunk of cauliflower with with a lame dusting of spices. The tofu bland and lacking interest, and the cassoulet, well not really a cassoulet at all, just some assorted beans. I actually commented to Chaker...(the concierge) and I had a phone call from the restaurant manager and then a personal meeting with the CK chef. They certainly tried to up their game from then on with some success, but nothing exceptional. Eventually I went back to the dark side (meat and fish) to keep from feeling deprived. The dinning experience overall was so lack luster, even in the specialty restaurants (Chops, Jamie's, 150, Izumi hibachi) that I really had to question the wisdom of doing a B2B cruise. We were the week after the Presidents Cruise so there were still quite a few Pins on board and the SL service was a disaster....People literally were busing their own tables and going to bar to order. Often just one waiter for a room full of people....pretty shocking. The concierges even were pitching in. I didn't blame the large number of Pins...but the SL manager for inadequate staffing. The only negative Pin observation was the women you had lost hers and was in the face of the guest services officer to get a replacement. You'd think it was the Order of the British Empire personally bestowed by the Queen. This woman was on a mission and took her status oh so seriously. I was pretty sure I was done with RCI.......and I am with the Oasis class....but a cruise to Hawaii (2019) on the Radiance coincides with a wedding over there. The suite perks aren't so perky, but I'm a medium ship kind of guy.
  15. Did a B2B on the Harmony in October...it alternates Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries so the only port repeat was Laberdee (which we loved...). This was my first B2B in over 35 cruises.....don't think I would do it again. Two seven days cruises does not equal a 14 day cruise experience for me. Felt out of sync, just as I'm completely unwinding, one group leaves, and another arrives. Felt I was trying to pace myself for a 10k race and everyone else was running a 5k. Additionally had I not been on the Harmony with its wealth of entertainment options it would have had a Groundhog Day vibe.
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