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  1. She did say it wasnt a manual process so nothing to do with staff
  2. I cancelled jy drinks package and specialty dining package over a month ago and still not received the refund. I called and waited over an hour on the phone and gave up. I thenm wrote to the CEO and received a reply from Tamika Thompson from the Executive Office. She basically said to be patient and it would take 45 to 60 days. I questioned why it was so long and she replied again to be patient withjout saying why. I then said that there was no reason why it would take so long because we are in 2020 and everything is computerised. I posed a direct quetion "Is the delay because each cancellation is having to be done manually?" She just replied "No, due to the mass cancellations nationwide, we are delayed processing all refunds." So basically RC are purposely holding on to peoples money. Whatever happened to taking care of customers? It isnt because there is more work to do or anything like that, it is obviously just a cashflow issue and they are waiting/hoping for people to make new bookings and payments so they have money to do refunds. Very disappointed.
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