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  1. prarie cruiser

    soda cards

    Got the enhanced soda card on Star Princess in August. Advertised for minors but sold to adults upon request and they always honored it. I enjoyed the juices at any time of the day and also using it for hot chocolates at the International Cafe, as well as the usual soft drinks.
  2. prarie cruiser

    International Cafe

    Yes, I think it is open, though I did not go there until later so I cannot say for sure. I do know I first sampled it on the first day of the cruise and I loved it! I used it alot for breakfast, lunch and a snack.
  3. prarie cruiser

    Good jeans in the dining room?

    Lots of nice jeans in the dining room on my recent Star Princess cruise. Also, on formal night dark nice pants and a glittery top work well and are easy to pack. I left all my formal formal wear home in August and had a great time. I still think what they need to do is make one of the dining rooms formal and one informal!
  4. prarie cruiser

    Platnium & laptop

    Make sure you follow the printed internet instructions they provide you for sign on and sign off of the internet. Instructions are available from the internet cafe if not already in your cabin. Helps to avoid charges if you follow them. Also, internet is still a little slow, so you may burn more minutes than you might expect, but it will tell you after each log off exactly how many minutes you have used. Loved using my laptop in my cabin on my cruise in August.
  5. prarie cruiser

    For those who have embarked on the Star to Alaska this summer

    Easy to use cruiseport, but you have to carry your luggage inside if you arrive by cab, etc. No porters around. We stood in line a few minutes for luggage, then went upstairs and checked right through. If doing Alaska, be sure to pick up the coupon book the person in a red shirt offers. Used it for lots of shopping bargains.
  6. prarie cruiser

    Where do you stay in Seatle prior to cruise?

    Stayed at Hilton conference at the airport. Nice rooms and service, great, great price through Priceline. Would stay there again, save my money and just take the shuttle to the Pikes Market area.
  7. prarie cruiser

    International Cafe

    International cafe is open in the morning till late at night, though I am unsure of the exact times. They do pastry for breakfast and salads and sandwiches as well as pastries for lunch and dinner. Also great cookies in the afternoon. It is free and a lovely place to stop for a snack.
  8. prarie cruiser

    Ultimate ship tour

    On my tour it was on the afternoon of the last sea day. Sign up early in the week at the purser's desk and they will notify you a couple of days later if you are selected. They will give you a letter with instructions on where to meet, what to wear, cameras, etc. I think this is an absolutely great tour for experienced cruisers too, who will see and learn things they never knew.
  9. prarie cruiser

    Ultimate ship tour

    The UST is drawn by lottery of the persons who sign up at the Purser's desk early in the cruise. I had really looked forward to this for my recent cruise. I was chosen and I started on the tour, but unfortunately I became very seasick during the tour and had to drop out. Princess was very gracious to me in their treatment of me about this (Thank you Boogie of the cruise staff for your consideration). I found the parts of the tour I was able to complete to be both fun and fascinating. They had many staff and officers available to talk with us and I learned many things about the ship. Far better than some of the tourist port tours I have taken in the past. We were allowed to take photos in some areas but not in others, due probably to security. They were very open about telling us when to take pictures and when not to. I will definitely sign up for the trip again next time I cruise, hopefully, I will be able to finish it then!
  10. prarie cruiser

    help no credit cards

    I would suggest you call Princess and set this up directly with them. They will most probably require some sort of cash deposit to cover your expenses on the ship.
  11. prarie cruiser

    No Sailaway Seafood Buffet on the CB 8/13

    Wow I always loved that sailaway seafood buffet the first night in the HC on the CB! Hope they rethink that strategy and bring it back. On my Star Princess Alaska cruise last week we had had lots of seafood at various times in the HC. On the last day we had both shrimp and Alaskan crab legs for lunch in the HC.
  12. prarie cruiser

    Unlimited Soda$

    Last week on Star Princess I think the 7 day sticker was around $4.75 per day. I bought the upgraded sticker to get unlimited juice and hot chocolates, and it was 60 dollars. The soda sticker entitles you to get fountain, but no canned, sodas at any of the bars and in the dining room. You will quickly figure out where to get it, such as from the bar next to the International Cafe, or the Casino bar, etc. depending upon the time of the day. They give you a drink container to use and keep as a souvenir, but generally its easiest to just go up to the bar and get a soda in a glass. Be sure your favorite soda is available from the bar fountains before you buy the sticker. I am a Diet Coke drinker, but some cruisers have reported their favorite beverage is only available in cans onboard.
  13. prarie cruiser

    Steak in the main dining room

    On my Star cruise last week New York strip was available at least two nights on the menu. It is no longer on the always available menu. However, most things can be ordered if you set it up 24 hours in advance with the dining staff. My one steak in the dining room was of good quality, not the best I have had, but certainly not the worst. Better cuts of steak are available in the specialty steakhouse onboard.
  14. prarie cruiser

    No hand sanitizer in dining rooms

    Being a health care professional and a believer in the benefits of hand washing and using other products when hand washing not available, thank you for taking the opportunity to point out we all need to be extra vigilant about this on board ships. On my Star Princess cruise last week, hand sanitizer products were available on the wall after entering the Horizon Court, at the entrance to the buffet area, and kind of hidden on a table at the main dining room entrances.
  15. prarie cruiser

    Alaska - here we come! Need advice

    May/June will potentially have more beautiful sunny days which are great for photography and seeing the mountains. Just got off the Star on Sunday and found late August to also be great as we saw lots of salmon running, went on a tour where bears were gathering salmon from the stream, saw eagles and sea lions and bears, oh my! Even whales and porpoises and dolphins. Anyway, weather was sometimes overcast but it was a truly great trip.