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  1. Simple solution is to buy drinks individually. I don't believe it would end up costing a lot more. You might even save some money.
  2. I have done quite a few cruises from Barcelona. For me the best option is to catch an evening flight, disembark at leisure and spend the day touring the city. You can usually get a day room to park your luggage and to freshen up before your flight. Things you cannot guarantee : Time ship reaches port and get's clearance. Time to get to airport Delays at the airport Generally things go smoothly and according to schedule but not always.
  3. I remember a time when you would see nibbles placed in bars late afternoon. Things like pretzels etc. Even things like tortilla chips. Don't see that any more but is it because they no longer do them. My memory may be playing tricks but I am sure I have seen them occasionally but only on certain tables. So is it that you have to ask for them? Plus to share with you a minor annoyance ... I wish they sold packets of peanuts, cashews etc. so that I don't need to take them from home.
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