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  1. Where are you flying from, and what is the current itinerary? If you are returning from an Asia airport, then the flight time length is about right and would get you home the next day due to the international date line. Hopefully the tickets were issued on Friday when you received the email because they could still be voided tomorrow. If they were issued Thursday or before, there might be change fees involved. Hopefully your TA can get some resolution!
  2. Thank you 😊 it’s been fun watching all the additions!
  3. Must have been a busy month for the NCL air department, the list grew quite a bit 🙂 Maybe someday I'll find lots of extra time to have fun with some pivot tables LOL! NCL Air Compilation.xlsx
  4. All is back to working normal this morning, my bids are now showing back up (still pending).
  5. Same here, I’m hoping that it means we’re being upgraded and not just a glitch on the page 😁 🤞 whatever the issue is, it’s driving me crazy in anticipation!
  6. I’m having a somewhat similar issue. When I try to check my status, it shows this. I’m not sure if this means rejection or acceptance is coming!
  7. Thank you! Someone on our sailing just received their confirmed royal up today, they are first that I know of.
  8. A number of people on my sailing who either did not receive an email invite previously or haven’t made a bid, received new Royal Bid invites in the last 24hrs. We sail in 11 days, on Harmony and I’m trying to be optimistic on my chances but they still haven’t assigned some suite guarantees their room yet! I bid as soon as I had the chance January 2nd and getting really anxious to know either way.
  9. From the Royal app, download your boarding pass to your phone wallet. At the bottom there should be a barcode with numbers. The last few numbers after the dash tend to be the room #
  10. I hadn’t thought about choosing my bids based on the number of rooms in each category, great tip! I’m going to make some changes for what I currently have pending 🙂
  11. This is a great itinerary! We too are using the air promotion for in/out of Rome from MSP and I’m really hoping for flight times like this! (not until 2021).
  12. Yay—congrats! This keeps me optimistic about my odds for our March 1st Harmony cruise! Same situation with everything showing sold out and just placing the minimum bids!
  13. Oh wow! I’m going to hope that my connection is through a less exciting place! I would be SO tempted to ask for a stopover in Iceland for a few days, as a bonus to my trip! 😁
  14. Here is the latest and greatest with the flight spreadsheet. I haven't seen in the recent NCL promo's that free/reduced air as an option, I'm hoping they bring it back to keep gathering more info or there are others like me who grabbed it for sailings that are still quite a ways away (July 2021 for us!) and are too far out to receive any flight information. NCL Air Compilation.xlsx
  15. I understand the excitement — get SO excited every time I check my email and see Royal Up, but it’s the notifications for this thread 🙂 I too am bracing myself for the eventual let down. I didn’t place a max bid, or even a strong one for the options we had available, as all of the room types listed in the offers have been sold out for weeks or more. We still have about a month to go so I guess things could change but not expecting to be a winner.
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