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  1. The guys really enjoyed it. It was door to door pick up which was nice they didn't have to tender into Belize to meet the excursion. It is a whole day though there was no time ince they got back to tender in to look around. Where they went to cook the fish was some sort of island , they said it must of been an excursion there was a lot of carnival people just on a tour there, once they left they had the whole place to themselves for a bit.
  2. I booked this for our upcoming cruise on March 16th on the Breeze, I am also curious, I tried to find something on my own but all fishing charters were not near our stop.
  3. Thinking of using Urcomped for the first time, my question is they are saying they pick the room I can not choose, is this true and they said the casino only comps bella experiences, I will pay the differance is that an option?
  4. Im currently looking into a msc cruise via urcomped. I submitted my card from land based casino and my free player offer. It was platinum card from tropicana and $300/day free play. I got an inside offer free. I then added a free cruise balcony certificate i received. Shoukd i contact them to see if the offer changed? They already have a copy of it but nothing changed. Question #2- do you get any of the perks they are currently offering? Like the free drink package? Question #3- is this like getting into a charter casino trip were you have t ok sign a letter woth intent to pay for so many hours a day? Thanks
  5. I will be tendering into Belize city, any options for a private house rental at one of the close islands with staff and transfers? Anyone done this?
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