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  1. I think we paid him up front. The taxis are sanctioned (I think that’s what I want to say) and run by the government I think. When you leave the ship there is an area where you say you need a taxi and they get you into one. Our guy was very nice. Stuck with us all day. We did find it was significantly cheaper to do it this way than via an excursion through the ship.
  2. That would push the time too close for my comfort. We just left the island after being there for 9 days - the traffic was a lot like it is during peak season - stand still at some points, moving at others, but mostly creeping along. It took us about 25 minutes to get from Phillpsburg to Simpson Bay Area each time we went. And yes most of the big planes do come in after 12.
  3. The buses are not buses in the sense you are thinking. They are not numbered and do not run on a set schedule. Rather they are vehicles (most often a toyota van like vehicle with a side door) that stop whenever requested. From the cruise ship you either take the water taxi over to the shopping area or walk over (approximately 15 minutes). Find the diamonds international corner and then head towards Back street (BEHIND the courthouse) to the area where the street vendors are set up (the ladies selling things under tents). Once on back street you are looking for a van with the word MAHO in the window to go to the Dutch side and towards the airport. Flag the driver down with a wave, say good morning when you get in and you are on your way! Whenever you would like the driver to stop just say "Stop Please!" and they will. You pay when you exit. To catch the bus back to Philipsburg just stand along the road side and watch for one that has the word P-BURG in the window. It will then drop you off in the area of the street vendors and you can again walk to the ship or take the water taxi back over. Cost is around $2pp each way depending on how far you take the bus. The buses can get crowded as the driver will stop to pick up people until they are full when they travel around, since this is one of the main forms of transportation for the locals. Hope this helps!
  4. The seaweed issue comes and goes and is worse some days than others from what I have heard. As far as beaches go - Mullet Bay can be nice - although there are no restrooms to my understanding and as of late I have been reading that it is filthy. Other choices include Simpson Bay in the area of Mary's Boon or Karakter Beach Bar. Then you can semi see and hear the airplanes but not be in the crowd at Maho. Also both have restrooms and full restaurants along with chairs/umbrellas and plenty of sand! Before the yacht club there's Kim Sha Beach - which now appears to have ROXXY Beach Bar at one end and the Greenhouse/Buccaneer Beach Bar at the other. Or stay near the ship and go to Holland House and get chairs there on the boardwalk area.
  5. There's a new "waterpark" activity thing that is anchored out in Simpson Bay near where the entrance to the lagoon is. It is called D-Boat. It looks like fun. It has slides, a trampoline, floating mats, food and a bar. Price includes transport out, lunch, soft drinks and full day pass to water park. Other options include Maho like others have said - but I would go to Driftwood not Sunset Beach Bar. Or there is also a new zipline right in Phillipsburg - Pelican Peak.
  6. Tri-sport in Simpson bay rents kayaks. It’s on the lagoon side of the bay but you can go out through the bridge to the beach and ocean if you want. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I would agree with all of this! We did the tour on March 1st. I believe there were 4 ships in port the day we did this tour. We had 4 vans in our caravan - one of which only had 4 people in it. Ours with Baptiste had 12 people I think. While the day was fun filled I don't think that the tour is necessarily great for little kids. The hairpin turns were constant so if you get car sick easily - sit up front or have some dramamine with you. Overall this was a great day and a great way to see many of the different areas of the island!
  8. We went to Beach Limerz on 2/28 and enjoyed a nice quiet beach day. The waves were a little rough and did reach the rock line once in a while and come up under our chairs, but we were still able to enjoy our day. Lunch was fantastic and worth the money alone.
  9. We hired a taxi driver to take 4 of us to the Cruzan Distillery and then to Leatherback Brewery. Cost us $30 pp and he stayed with us for the duration (about 3.5 hours). Worked out well as it poured most of the day that we were in port.
  10. What about Loterie Farm? http://loteriefarm.com/ They have hiking and zip lining. It is on the French side and can be quite an adventure just to get to but the hike was pretty fun last time we did it pre-Irma. I was thinking the 12-metre challenge but its age requirement is 9 and up so that won't work.
  11. @EeyoreRN I have not been to the other beaches in either sorry I can’t help there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Just returned from both of these ports Antigua - Second vote for Beach Limerz. Email Gail and she will set it up for you including transportation. $65pp includes chairs, umbrella, food (ginormous platter each), drinks, clean bathrooms and more. St Kitts - Cockleshell beach is always our favorite. It has gotten busier since the first time we went there, but its always an enjoyable day
  13. I'd go the other way - Orient then maybe Marigot for lunch then Maho. And maybe skip Marigot and have lunch in Maho or Simpson Bay if you have your heart set of seeing the planes. Nothing big comes until after 12 usually.
  14. I’d make a beach day for both. Like pp’s have said food is the same on and off ship in Labadee. Get off and enjoy the beach. SXM I’d go to Simpson Bay and hit up Karakter or Mary’s Boon or stay by the ship and go to Great Bay Beach and go to Holland House. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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