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  1. The thermal spa is not a huge deal to us due to my husband having a spinal cord injury. He is not able to walk very well nor can he do stairs/steps. This ship sounds perfect for us. You don't know how fortunate you are to be able to get up and walk until it's taken away. Thank you for all your post.. I'm just praying that everything will get back to normal soon, whatever normal may be at the time..
  2. Thank you for all your input. I looked up my original confirmation when I booked the cruises. My Nov 2020 and My Feb 2021 cruises both state 3 meals. My newest one for May 2022 states 2 meals. I will print the first 2 and take them with me on the ship. Thank you for all the advice.
  3. No, I didn't change anything to my reservation. I agree with you, it should be 3. Actually, I booked an aft balcony room for 7 nights. No changes. I paid it in full soon after I booked it. It is disappointing that I didn't get a notification of the change. I guess it is what it is at this point.
  4. I have 3 cruises booked with Norwegian. One is for November 2020. One for Feb 2021, and One for May 2022. While looking at my Summary, I noticed the Specialty Dining was for 3 meals when I booked but has been changed to 2 Meals. I called Norwegian today and was told that yes, the Specialty Dining has been reduced to 2 meals due to Social Distancing. Also, No reservations will be accepted online prior to getting on the ship. Has anyone gotten this change in an email? I haven't gotten this notice and was just wondering why if they change something they don't notify their customer.
  5. I am planning my retirement cruise for 2022. I want to go to the ABC Islands but need some information. #1 Is the Epic ship handicapped accesible for a scooter on most floors or is it chopped up?. #2 How far is the cruise port from the airport in San Juan? #3 Is San Juan a good port to cruise from for a person in a scooter and is there a rental facility to rent a scooter? Your answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. We have been told so many different stories about how this virus can be spread that it is insane!!! I truly feel there have been way too many scare tactics told without proof although, people are still getting this virus. That leads me to believe that it is from coughing, talking, sneezing, or just breathing. I also feel that if you use common sense on a cruise ship, you should be fine. If I go to the casino, I will wear a mask. That is my choice due to a low renal function but I wouldn't expect everyone around me to cater to me. Just be courteous of each other and Have Fun.. We can all take care of each other and make sure another outbreak doesn't happen on a ship..
  7. Thank you so much!! My husband doesn't get out often and that is why cruising is so important. It gives him the freedom to get out and meet so many people.. I enjoy watching him smile and talk to people..Again, Thank you
  8. Yes, I am talking about the Norwegian Joy. I hope it's not cancelled...
  9. My husband and I are hopefully, going on the Joy in November to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We have never cruised on the Joy. Can I get information from those of you who have gone on the Joy? Is it handicapped accessible? I am thinking about making reservations at LeBistro. Would that be the best place? Thank you
  10. We cruised on the Encore in February. We had a wonderful time and met some great people! The ship is absolutely beautiful. The staff was kind and helpful. The only thing we didn't like was there is not enough things for teenagers/kids to do that is free. It seems like most things had a fee. The race track was always full and without reservations in advance, you could forget it. The food in the main dining room was very good and the wait staff was attentive. The specialty restaurants was good except for Cagneys. We did not enjoy that one. But, maybe we went on an off night. It was great on the Getaway.. Overall, we enjoyed the Encore and would go again.
  11. Watching the Baywatch contest on the Carnival Fantasy. These guys had guts.. I laughed until I cried...
  12. Thank you!! I bought some but haven't used them..
  13. Is there a limit to how many Cruise Next credits you can use when booking a cruise?
  14. I'm just praying that not only NCL but other businesses as well, survive. I feel the cruise industry will survive and I feel there will be a vaccine for Covid-19, sooner than later. I'm trying to stay positive. My husband and I have a cruise planned for the Joy in November for our 25 year Anniversary. Fingers crossed..
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