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  1. My husband had a spinal cord injury and was/is quadriplegic. He can move his arms, hands, legs and feel although he can't feel them. This limits him to what or what he can't do. Cruising, we have found is the one thing that he can do and really enjoys. We do fly to the ports. The airlines are really proficient at helping people with disabilities. I order him a scooter and he has the freedom to come and go as he pleases. The only thing he can't do is stairs and getting on to a tender to get off the ship. While everyone else is off the ship, we find things to do and enjoy our trip. Planning a cruise gives my husband something to look forward to. I can't imagine him giving up and not going due to his disability. It makes me happy to see him having a good time. The only advice I can give is for him to get a handicapped accessible room and rent a scooter. They are very easy to drive and navigate. It wouldn't take long for him to learn to drive it and enjoy himself.
  2. Ocho Rios is the port I meant to say. Thank you for this information. It will be my first time to Jamaica and I can’t wait.
  3. I don’t see Jamaica. Does anyone know if Jamaica is a tender port?
  4. Does anyone have a list of ports that you have to tender in to? The website does not list all the ports. Thank you
  5. I know this may sound stupid but I have never done this. If I buy the certificate, How much would I get toward my down payment on another cruise? 150.00 or 250.00?
  6. Thank you so much. I really hope he doesn’t have to take the scooter apart. He is quadriplegic C4 incomplete so he can use his ams and hands, but he can’t feel them. That would be impossible for him. Dodging the carts will be ok. We have found that cruising is the only vacation that we both can get some down time on. We will hope for the best and have loads of fun.. Thank you!!
  7. Hello, My husband and I will be cruising on the Encore Feb. 2nd. I have rented a scooter for him due to him having a spinal cord injury and his inability to walk anymore than very short distances with a walker. For those of you who have already cruised the Encore, will he be able to get to all the floors via elevators? Also, our room is handicap accessible on the 12th floor. Will the hallway width be a challenge with a scooter? One more question: Are there an abundance of Handicap restrooms on this ship? Thank you for your answers in advance.
  8. My husband and I were on a Carnival cruise several years ago. On Elegant night, we saw an elderly couple dressed with him a tux and her a ball gown. They were a Beautiful couple!! They really WOW'd me. We do not dress like that but I'm sure that couple has some stories to tell. I loved seeing them. I know how things have changed and how much easier it is to pack (especially if flying) for a cruise without the extra dress clothes. I say, if you want to dress to the hilt, do it and feel comfortable doing it. If not, then don't. I love NCL for this... do what makes you feel good!!
  9. Thank you! He can walk with a walker for very short distances so I will rent a scooter for him so he can have the freedom to go and come as he pleases. A cruise is the only “real” vacation the two of us can take were we don’t feel like we are having to do something every minute. Not having to make the bed, wash dishes, and clean is a plus for me. I work 10 hour days and feel like cruising gives me the chance to do something or just do nothing..:-)
  10. Maybe I need to ask this differently. When you book an Aft balcony, is it better to have one higher or lower?
  11. My husband is handicapped from a spinal cord injury. I have to book way in advanced to make sure to get a handicapped accessible room. We have never gotten an Aft Cabim before and am wondering which of these two rooms would be best. Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. I am going to rent a scooter that he will need to sit on and drive. Since his spinal cord injury, he is able to walk short distances with a walker. He was paralyzed from his neck down when he fell. He has come a long way with a lot of rehab and work on his part. We will be in port for approximately 7 hours. We are going in February, 2020. Thank you !!!
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