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  1. I agree there was flaming, and the OP is not a troll with their first post - this is someone with 1500 posts who is sharing information that might be important to others who care about sanitary food handling. I, for one, would appreciate being aware of this if I was planning a meal at Chops. I didn't take it as an overall slam on Royal but rather a specific incident of a problem to be corrected. Less and less people will share their valid commentary if they have to fear being ridiculed. I also think it is possible for a single person to get that one piece of food that was under cooked or spoiled and feel violently ill without the whole table needing to be sick as proof that it occurred. There's always the option of ignoring the story if you feel it doesn't benefit or pertain to you. Frankly, I was uncomfortable imagining the dirty dishes mingled with fresh food, although I imagine similar stuff happens in many restaurants. At the very least, Chops should keep it behind the scenes! As for 83 being too old to cruise....tell that to my 83 year old mother, who goes to dances twice a week and is involved in clubs and activities on a daily basis. She would laugh at the concept of being told she's too old to do anything!
  2. To clarify....not hanging clothes on the railing - clothes are clipped to the back of the lounger or chairs on the balcony, so nobody could see them at all, and it's how I dry bathing suits and our washed gym clothes. You are not comparing apples at all with that statement! And it's a double-edged sword - if my clothes didn't reek of cigarette smoke, I wouldn't have to put them outside at all!
  3. Oh good, here's a cruise everyone that minds the smoking can all go on! Sign me up!
  4. Couldn't agree more with this post. I was on Adventure in early November and LOVE to frequent casinos, but it was just awful. Thank goodness we had a balcony and plastic clothespins so I could put every stitch of clothing on the balcony during the night. To each his own on the decision to smoke or not, but it's totally unfair to expect non-smokers to endure it. RCCL really needs to get with the program and assess the great strides that have been made in the past couple decades. You cannot even smoke on NJ beaches anymore, which is probably more about littering than second-hand smoke, but indoor smoking should be banned out of fairness to those that don't smoke.
  5. Beware the martini tasting! I attended one and stumbled drunkenly to the jeweler and bought a $1,000 ring! Funny but true!
  6. I was on Adventure in November (group of 10). I had a great time and no complaints at all! I agree 100% about the guy at the coffee bar, and it sounds like it's the same one - he was so friendly and knew my order each day. It is well worth giving them a few extra bucks when they treat you so nicely! The ship is so easy to navigate. I'm a bit intimidated to go on the Oasis class and large ships...but I will when I can!
  7. We were on an Elvis cruise several years ago and didn't realize it until the cruise started. The Elvis cruisers (fans) were wearing special t-shirts and lanyards around the ship. There were a few hundred of them, and they didn't get in anyone's way or change anyone's cruise as far as I could see. They had had several private events and concerts. On the last sea day, the three or four Elvis impersonators on board gave a show for all cruise guests in the main showroom. They were great, and their fans were fun and not at all obtrusive. However, having said that, it is a good idea to be aware of and sometimes avoid any type of mass group on your ship, depending on your taste. In 2014 we were on a cruise out of NOLA that contained an annual cruise of fan club of a singer named Vince Vance, and they cruise every year. He seemed to think he owned our ship and tried to be front and center at all times and really thought nothing of disrupting anything going on and pushing to the front. As usual, cruise staff were at a loss and stood idly by. The group of four of us found it all very intrusive and annoying, especially when he would grab a microphone from a DJ and scream into it that it was his birthday and that he is the greatest man in the world. He shoved his way between my husband and one of his fan club in the casino at a table with no regard at all because it was all about him and he was the greatest man in the world. They did a parade around the pool mardi gras style with instruments and beads - it was a blast for them but we witnessed people getting hit in the face with beads that were being thrown. If he had been polite and respectful, people would have likely tolerated this better. The good news is that towards the end of the cruise, we were talking with a few ladies from his fan club and they said they would never again go on Royal Caribbean because they were not treated special at all times like they were on other lines who give them so many perks on their group cruise. (I think it was Carnival but I'm not 100% sure). Does the cruise line tell you if you ask if there is a large chartered group? It's not fun to be excluded from spaces you would typically be permitted to go in.
  8. Oh it's amazing and fresh squeezed from real oranges in a big machine!
  9. We were on Adventure in November and mostly used the other bar venues for our D+ drinks (which I maybe used 1-2 at the most on a given night). A few times we stopped by the D Lounge, and the line always moved quickly and never seemed long. Definitely "disaster" never crossed my mind. We also were never in a hurry to get anywhere! I felt the 3 drinks per night to be used at other venues was an excellent way to handle overflow and keep everyone happy.
  10. Thanks so much! I imagine it would have been so much better with pictures and daily updates....next time I'll try harder. I need to get permission from the dog before I leave her again though.
  11. Agree....never had a problem with internet on my ipad. Feel free to add on to anything in this report! No worries about hi-jacking! I'm glad you agreed that the ship was in great shape and that you had a good cruise!
  12. that's too funny....we were a group of 10 with a 7 pm reservation, and I did cancel that crabcake after seeing how they looked and on my husband's advice. I don't get hung up on issues like that - there's always something else to find. My goodness, those tater tots could be a meal in themselves....they were so good! We enjoyed Chops and mostly our waiter, who was so great.
  13. I think it's either smaller or it was relocated. I never actually investigated this, but I do recall reading that those new cabins (#1100-#1106) were built where peekaboo bridge used to be.
  14. I did have the internet package, I believe it was $71 for the 6-night cruise. I needed to be able to answer emails for work (if I felt like it, it was required). I didn't do any surfing or post from the ship - mostly just checking emails, facebook here and there, and texting. It worked great every time I needed it though. There were no delays in service.
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