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  1. Anyone knows who makes the mattresses for Azamara? We LOVED that bed!!
  2. Malbec said “my husband” so I figured... I’m new here so I will stay out of it 😬😜
  3. I think there’s an unnecessary “ganging up” on Malbec. We should be able to reread her posts with a bit more of goodwill and not so much in a negative light and be kind to one another.
  4. Thanks! Definitely after maximizing points rather than cash back now that we are about to become empty nesters. We don’t fly often and don’t stay at hotels often either (maybe 3 times a year) but are looking forward to cruise 4-6 times a year. We want to try Oceania, Viking and Seabourn. We are already booked for Crystal and Azamara.
  5. Has anyone compared these 2 credit cards Chase Saphire Reserve vs Amex Platinum as far as which is more advantageous for frequent cruisers?
  6. Thanks so much! We booked 2 cruises on Crystal and are looking forward to experience it!
  7. Do you prefer their R ships to the O ships? We are trying to book our very first Oceania cruise and are debating that... 7 nights only.
  8. Our son is a Buckeye. I think I had already told you that. Living in Hilliard now :))
  9. I'm CURIOUS... On a world cruise, roughly, what percentage of days you get "good sea days" vs "rough sea days"? Thank you!
  10. December 14 2019 San Juan to Miami and we also booked December 2 2020, both on Serenity.
  11. Thank you. When is your sailing Caviargal? Can you please post a quick review or your opinion after sailing? I am very interested in knowing as we booked Viking for November 2020. Thank you!
  12. Can you please clarify this? They include excursions but only have so many spots so it's a first serve first come and once they're "filled" you end up with nothing?
  13. We have never been on Crystal before however we have booked and paid in full 2 future cruises with Crystal. How do I get the Crystal repeat cruiser discount/perks on the second one?
  14. I tried and can’t find a way... my email is madu66@yahoo.com 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. I was concerned about noise. I found an aft cabin on deck 9 which seems to have a slightly larger balcony. But I believe Kevin had mentioned Deck 10 the cabins were better finished (?)
  16. All things being equal, is Deck 10 any different than Deck 9 on Serenity? Our Deck 10 cabin has a connecting door so we are considering changing from P1 (deck 10) to A1 (deck 9). About the same price. Thanks for the help.
  17. We put Oceania on the back burner until at least 2021 and booked 2 Crystal cruises. We are looking forward to it!
  18. I now remember 1 thing I really disliked about Seabourn was the "private" area where you have to pay to access to. I wouldn't expect that in a luxury small ship. One of the reasons to go on a more expensive smaller line for us is the "no-separation" of classes since everyone already paid a premium and since it's such a small ship. Restricting yet another area within an already exclusive small luxury ship feels counter-atmosphere for us and what mass lines do. I could be wrong. Let me know if that's not accurate... But it seems like a good chunk of deck real estate.
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