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  1. my computer crashed. I had saved a web site that you could put your name and c and a # and you could see your casino offers. can anyone give me that site please
  2. My son has an offer for a free inside...If he books this cruise for he and I and he is a no show will I still be able to go without him??
  3. called again..they still seem to have different rules for a no show as compared to a cancellation...however asked for a supervisor and within 1 minute they gave me the extra seven points...checked account on website ten minutes later and the points were there...
  4. recently sailed..had roommate as a no show...taxes/port fees were reimbursed however was only given 7 C&A points...I thought I read on here you would receive double points...called and was told the only way I could have received double points would be to have cancelled roommate at least 14 days in advance and at that time cruise rate would have been reprice with me paying 200% as a solo...Is this everyones past experience???
  5. so do you use you sea pass card for 3 drinks in viking crown??
  6. Does majesty of the seas have a diamond lounge? or do you just get the three voucher drinks?? .
  7. booked with shore excursioneer the Blue Hole/river adventures and Beach with lunch----Met representative from Braco Tours along with about 12 others...Was told to wait for driver to show up....30 minutes later rep disappeared.....2 hours waiting and no driver....port authority called Braco Tours and was told that they had no driver to pick us up....so basically we were left stranded for over two hours by Braco Tours...ruined the day for sure.....Never use Braco tours terrible regard for the tourist wanting to go on an excursion
  8. two years ago on Liberty super bowl was on big screen by pool however no commercials
  9. I thought you couldn't link someone to make pinnacle. Just up to Diamond +...
  10. I am a diamond member by way of sailing 16 cruises...my son is a diamond member by way of 3 cruises with me before he was 18 years old.....when I make diamond plus he wont because he is over 18.......If I wanted to I could take someone who has never sailed before on RCCL call up C and A tell them they were my SO and they would give me (or her/him) a C and A number reflecting my current status.... I could do this many times and could all be different people for every cruise I take as long as I identify them as my SO and list them as living with me....the woman I was with years ago became diamond like this. After our relationship ended she later sailed with someone else and he was diamond because of her. I would guess that if he had younger kids that sailed they would me diamond also..So to break in down you could be sitting in a diamond lounge next to someone who has 100+ nights or someone who is on a ship for the first night in their life...Its just the system.........Its only done up thru Diamond plus - cant be done for pinnicale
  11. headed out on her January 19....anyone have questions let me know and I will get them answered for you
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