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  1. True. Just let's more than 1 connection. Worked great on Royal Caribbean where the internet was very fast. Celebrity fast internet was about 2/3 slower. The slow would most likely feel like dial up if shared.
  2. They were missing a shipping container being loaded before we sailed. Seems like they could have done better at a resupply at one of the ports. They knew they would run out. As far as not hearing complaints, the beverage manager told me he was going nuts with complaints. At our meeting for passengers sailing back to back, the first question was would there be a correct load delivered before we cruised again. As far as your review, it was very true. What happened with the missing container of product will probably never happen again. Glad embarkation went better for you.
  3. Only had Diet Coke at Bacio. At St Maartan they only got a very limited amount of it. Even the beverage manager said to just go bar to bar and hopefully find some. He even had our room steward search the products people had taken out of the room fridges and bring some to our room.The Pinton from St. Lucia was good but not Coors light and other beers that were supposed to be stocked. like a lot of people wanted. The had Pinton, Mic Ultra light and Heinekin beer at the bar. As for complaining, we paid an awful lot for our drink package. It was NOT a free perk. As my wife is a diabetic, who hates Sprite Zero, that didn't help. They missed a container of product at Ft Lauderdale , they knew well ahead of time they would be short of supplies. Seems like a company this size would have pull with their suppliers to make sure of resupply at one of the ports of the missing products.
  4. Not sure how it will work with the slow internet, but this router connects to the ships the wifi signal and rebroadcasts it like a wired router. Connected devices to it like your home wifi. https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Wireless-Portable-Travel-Router/dp/B00TQEX8BO/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=tp+link+hotspot&qid=1572205293&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&sr=8-3
  5. Equinox you can go right to you room to drop off your luggage. Key cards are on the door. Just got back a couple weeks ago.
  6. edknn

    Key West

    We were the on Oct 13 and docked right at the pier in town. Do yourself a favor and rent a golf cart to tour the island.
  7. We were on the same cruise and stayed on for the next week also. Embarkation was a mess for us. We arrived before it started with expedited boarding with facial recognition. They told us we would board first because of it but actually it was very slow. They even stopped our line because the facial scans took so long compared to the lines where just the bar codes were being scanned. Slowest embarkation we ever had with Celebrity. Also, you didn't mention that they ran out of all light beers and most others 5 days in the cruise. Also, all diet sodas at the same time. They had numerous ports to resupply but kept saying supplies would be available at the next port. Never did fix the situation until our cruise the next week. They even refunded our drink package cost if that helps show the extent of the shortages. People were complaining every where. As for the cruise, aside from the drink problem and messed up embarkation, it was great. We always sail Celebrity and these problems were a first. Second cruise was event free. As for rooms, our rooms on both sailings were partially updated. Both of ours were without new carpeting, the 2nd had only new bedding and curtains so long the curled up 2 inches on the floor. As a foot note, will we sail with Celebrity again? Definitely. Only line to go with.
  8. We just went back to back on the Equinox. Aside from new curtains and bedding, the only difference was one room had the cushions on the couch changed to beige vinyl while the other room, 4 down the hall, the couch was unchanged and drapes were a couple inches too long dragged about 2 inches on the floor. Original carpeting in both rooms. The ship only got a partial refit and much on the ship was not completed, even in the indoor pool. Don't know why they advertise it as revolutionized when not complete.
  9. Just got back last week from back to back cruises on the Equinox. Embarkation was horrible. We did the online with facial recognition and arrived before boarding started. We were told we would get priority expedited boarding because of it . That line took 4x longer than the people just getting their bar code scanned. They even held our line, which was supposed to get priority boarding to let the hoard of people getting through all the other lines so quick just having the bar code scanned instead of facial scan. Facial scans were very slow in comparison.
  10. They were not on the Equinox this month but were on the Silhouette that hasn't gone through the refit we were on in January. Equinox didn't get the full refit and don't understand their touting it being revolutionized. The bed spread color was changed and the couch on our first had new colored vinyl while the room we switched to on our back to back cruise was unchanged. Glad they kept the ships virtually unchanged. We love the Solstice class ships.
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