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  1. We have a private tour booked in Bar Harbor - the tender port. We now have one person in our group recovering from a hip replacement. She is using a walker and occasional wheel chair. Is there any handicap accessible/helpful way to get on the tender or is she stuck on the ship that day?
  2. Hi, I know the weather can change quickly so I'm thinking packing includes a jacket, sweatshirt and good walking shoes. Is there anything obvious I'm overlooking?
  3. Are their any restrictions for bringing and using your own regular wheel chair? It sounds like once we arrive we ask for help or directions to check in with wheelchairs and that's it - is that right?
  4. kobe

    Cushion for balcony chair

    I love that - rehab on a cruise. What a smart woman. Thanks for the suggestions about a cushion - I found a much better option on Amazon. I ran it by my PT friend and she liked it too.
  5. kobe

    Cushion for balcony chair

    She's a tough cookie. She just turned 70 - surgery is today and we leave on July 27th. I was thinking about getting a cushion like you would use on a patio chair - something like this. http://www.xuuby.com/cute-cushioned-patio-chairs/patio-chair-cushions-x-home-citizen-cushions-for-patio-chairs-from-walmart-replacement-cushions-patio-chairs/ They can't more her to an accessible cabin - they're all booked with a wait list. The travel agent put a request in for a high toilet seat, shower chair and grab bar. Hopefully it all works. We have a wheelchair she could use but she probably won't want to. She's already saying she isn't going to rehab. She'll get herself up and moving - that will absolutely happen - she's a stubborn, awesome woman.
  6. Will a shower chair fit in the shower of a regular cabin? We just saw some photos of the shower on Voyager class ships and that shower looks very tiny.
  7. That is one tiny shower! Would a shower seat even fit?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a photo of the bathroom in a balcony cabin (category D1) . One member of our group is going to be recovering from a hip replacement and as of right now she's in a regular cabin. We're working with RCCL to get a toilet riser and shower chair. We want to do anything we can to make it safe for her. We're considering traveling with a toilet riser so we want to see the shape of the toilet to see if it will fit. thanks
  9. Has anyone brought their own cushion for a balcony chair? One member of our group will be recovering from a total hip replacement and we want to make it as comfortable for her as possible. She may end up spending most of her time on the ship if the excursions are too hard for her. She loves to read and loves solitude so I think she'll be okay. We're sailing on Adventure of the Seas and the ship is sold out. They are looking into the possibility of moving her to a handicap assessable cabin but that may not be possible. She's on deck 8. Does anyone know if all the bathrooms have grab bars? We asked for a toilet seat riser and shower chair. Is it reasonable to think those things will be provided or should we bring our own? This is all new to us so we appreciate all suggestions.
  10. Does anyone know which nights are formal nights on Adventure - July 27th sailing to Maine and Canada?
  11. Hi, I did a search for bubbles and found several threads with people talking about bringing bubbles and using them at the sail away or from their balcony. The threads were pretty old so I'm wondering if bubbles are still allowed. They would certainly be used with care - not blowing them into other passengers faces, not spilling them on the deck .... Just for fun - are they ok?
  12. Really - it's the tiny bottle like they have on airplanes. It's only an ounce or two. Couldn't I just bury them in my luggage?
  13. I know it's okay to bring two bottles of wine per cabin. I'm wondering if I would have any problem bringing some nips for a special toast. I know there is plenty of alcohol available on the ship but these tiny toasts are a special tradition. Thanks :)
  14. If they do have theme nights is it possible to find out in advance what they are? thanks - :)
  15. I have no idea - but I hope so :)