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  1. One thing I love about casinos on ships is that in Baccarat if you play the HOUSE you dont have to pay out the extra fee to the dealer. And because the HOUSE is just slightly more favored than the player to win because it is even money pay out I always come out on top. Incredible that casinos on the ship have not implemented the HOUSE ante yet.
  2. Dear MSC, Please have a chance to review the following 2 key suggestions tabulated from the posters of these forums: Please install a CRAPS table on your new mega ships (Seaside, Seaview, etc) Craps is a very social and popular game across many casinos in the world, the game attracts a lot of attention, a lot of enthusiasm and can be found in nearly every casino movie ever made. To not have a craps table on a modern day cruise liner is detrimental to the cruise line. Craps will increase traffic in the casino, generate buzz and will help feed the bar tab with many of the players playing longer on average then any other casino game in terms of time spent. Please install a TEXAS HOLDEM table(s) or electronic machine to allow players to play against each other. Poker (Texas Holdem) is a widely played and popular card game which can be found in any casino around the world. This game can be found on nearly every cruise ship in the world, and many players specifically book their cruises with the intent of spending long hours at the poker table at the end of the night. To not service the poker players with a basic table is a detriment to the MSC cruise line and will cause MSC to lose valuable casino players. Please have a chance to review these 2 suggestions and allow the MSC representatives take steps to install the games noted. Thank you on the behalf of the MSC Cruise Critic Community.
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