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  1. We were one the Sky in early February and were able to connect the HDMI cable (it's a bit of a tight squeeze, though). We followed the workaround posted previously on this forum and were able to watch downloaded videos on the TV.
  2. Does the Enclave on the Sky offer day passes like they did on the Regal? Or do they only have weekly passes?
  3. The dock area has changed in the last 5 years since we were there last. The original shack is gone, but there is a restaurant right along the boardwalk between the library and the Tramway station. The other location is located just past downtown on the way to the bridge to Douglas Island.
  4. If you book the Tracy’s Crab Shack excursion, you will be driven over to their outdoor restaurant site where you can see the original cooking shacks they used. It’s about a mile from the ship, so you could probably still walk back to the ship. Google is showing you the restaurant right by the dock that you can just visit on your own.
  5. There was a line from the piazza on Deck 5 towards Vines and then out to the Art Gallery to get the chance to pet and get your picture taken by a ship’s photographer with one of the puppies. You can also take your own pictures. There was also a second line by the stairs to pet one of the puppies that was inside a pen that had been set up.
  6. Great review, Abbie. We were also aboard the Star on this voyage and concur with your review. The naturalist on this voyage was Dirk Younkerman. Don't miss Puppies in the Piazza at 3 pm in Skagway!
  7. We were also on this voyage. The CD is Matt Baker and he's quite engaging with the passengers. He parked himself at the gangway all morning playing his ukelele and harmonica as we all disembarked. Captain Manfuso just took over as Master of the Ship on this voyage, so we didn't get to see/hear Captain Tuvo and his signature "Bye-bye" at the end of his announcements. The ship was full of new Princess cruisers (over 2,000), which seems to be typical for these Alaska voyages. There were plenty of activities listed in the Patter, but I suspect that since we're still early in the Alaska season, things are being worked out as there are some staffing changes. For example, on our voyage there was no Voice of the Ocean competition, but on the one coming up there is (we watched the first Wake Show being recorded on our last sea day). The dancers just joined the ship on May 19, so they were still working out their routines on this ship's stages (overhead the CD talking to some fellow passengers about this). Movies shown during this trip: Aquaman, Mary Poppins Returns, Christopher Robin, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again, to name a few. There were also a bunch of movies playing on the stateroom TV, but it wasn't on-demand, so we never timed it right to catch any of those movies from beginning to end.
  8. Looking forward to reading your reports on the Star. We board her in just over 2 weeks.
  9. Looks like she got the Sea Witch livery applied to her bow! Now she looks like her sister ships.
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