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  1. Safe... Yes .... But I do wonder if we'll ever get back to the "old normal" ? 😞
  2. For sure a bad situation ... many bad situations in many places. Curacao is normally a very decent safe place to visit.
  3. As long as we are healthy, we'lll continue to cruise the same as we always have.
  4. Totally agree with the above!
  5. Agree with Skynight! Actually Emerald is one of our favorite ships. We like Club Class mini suites and love having Club Class dining.
  6. Do check your spam inbox .... In the past we've had things from Princess show up there.
  7. In the case of oxygen on Princess the contact is the Medical Department. I'm not taking oxygen; I'm taking a machine that makes oxygen as needed for immediate use. No oxygen is stored but the batteries do need to be charged. I keep getting somewhat different answers depending on who I talk to in the Medical Department so I'd love to hear from any of you who have actually taken this sort of device on a Princess ship.
  8. A reply from someone who knows would be GREATLY appreciated. LuLu
  9. Thanks Blue Water for the correction. I really did not know there was a Brewer's in St. Thomas. LuLu
  10. Thanks for posting this. I have an oxygen unit that needs the batteries charged often. It'll be my first time with needing the oxygen so am worried about how it'll all work out. Who did you contact on Princess to get permission to bring the things on with you? Help! LuLu
  11. Yes. Unless it's an excursion you totally want, take your chances and wait to book on the ship. This is what we very often do.
  12. It's probably for the best those under the "Carnival Unbrella" don't reciprocite ... way too much differences (price, etc.) between the different brands to make it work.
  13. In addition to what is listed Crooners can make you whatever you wish! 😉
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