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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts.
  2. Slippers in FULL suites .... not in Mini-Suites.
  3. Those cables do sometimes snap. Hope no one was badly injured.
  4. While Princess still calls it "Formal" it's the same as "Evening Chic" on X and "Gala" on HAL.
  5. Not to worry! Just wear the same thing on Princess you would on Celebrity. Both X and Princess are way less formal than the once were.
  6. The problem is .... many just want to see the actual LAST post ... not to be sent all the way back to the last unread post.
  7. The blue star or dot MAY take you to the last post ... but not always.
  8. Thanks! Good info for both those who smoke and those who want to avoid smoking arears.
  9. Speaking of memories .... Remember when they spelled it Majahaul and called it "The Little Fishing Village"?
  10. Land vacationers also go to The Baths so it could be crowded but certainly worth seeing once.
  11. No real problem for me. I eat whatever I want but in somewhat limited quantities and I don't make an effort to excercise more either.
  12. Actually, Tropicante is a favorite of ours.
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