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  1. OCruisers

    Celebrity vs. Princess. vs. HAL with Teenagers

    Princess with teens would be our choice.
  2. OCruisers

    Caribbean Princess Inside tips

    We've been on Caribbean Princess several times and do like the ship ... going on her again in January 2019. Always enjoy Crooner''s. For any who smoke/fume ... Churchill's is a comfortable (inside Deck 6) nice friendly place with a real bar & service.
  3. OCruisers

    Your favorite food On Princess

    Yes. they are always a good choice! 👍
  4. OCruisers

    Just Want The Beach

    Whatever you decide ... do get out of Coxen Hole. Don't overlook excursions with the ship because they are EASY ... and often (all considered) can be a good option.
  5. OCruisers

    Confused want-to-be first time cruiser

    Strongly suggest you talk with a travel agent who specializes in cruising. You are well-traveled but cruising is a bit differnt so making sure you get exactly what you want is worth your time to talk to a good travel agent.
  6. OCruisers

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    Comparing "apples to apples" (cabin catorgory, ship, itinerary, etc. ) we've found Princess to be the best deal for us.
  7. Same question as above ... where will you be going?
  8. OCruisers

    Another Princess Cays questions..

    Normally, we leave soon after when the bar is giving "the last call for alchol". The time they do this can vary ... sometimes as early as 2 ... sometimes as late as 4 ...
  9. Is it really all right NOT to use it if you don't want to???? Confused!
  10. OCruisers

    Cruiser Rank

    Thank you very much "CC Help Jenn". Nice of you to take the time to do this.
  11. Will we still the the printed copy of Princess Patters like we always have in our cabin each night?
  12. OCruisers

    Favorite Cruise Ports

    Consider a cruise to the DEEP Caribbean -- ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao)
  13. OCruisers

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Hated this happened! Good warning to all for us who are normally OK with tendering to be careful about doing when there are rough seas.
  14. OCruisers

    Club Class

    We love Club Class Dining ... but unless there are others coming in at the same time who also wish to share a table, we've been seated alone. As mentioned by others, there are some tables for two very close together that are fun and almost like sharing a table.
  15. OCruisers

    Cruiser Rank

    Mine was never updated on the old boad either ... so not a new thing thing.