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  1. Does anyone know if the very close by island of Bequia is having a problem with the ash, etc. from the volcano?
  2. Sadly, Yonnie & Joe had no family except each other. Also, Joe is in bad health. It's a bad situation.
  3. Same as many of you ... always and forever a favorite song of ours.
  4. Noticed Celebrity is your favorite cruise line. Like Celebrity, Princess has changed with the times. Anything you would wear for "formal" night on Celebrity would be fine on Princess as well. Enjoy your Princess cruise.
  5. NOLA is an enjoyble place to be pre and post cruise so that's what we like about sailing out of there.
  6. We'll certainly get the vaccine as soon as it's offered to us.
  7. Yes, all Princess cruises are now cancelled 'til April and and many until later....
  8. Safe... Yes .... But I do wonder if we'll ever get back to the "old normal" ? 😞
  9. For sure a bad situation ... many bad situations in many places. Curacao is normally a very decent safe place to visit.
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