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  1. Wondering the same as you are about coevan's post. This is nothing like any cruise we've taken on Princess.
  2. Don't smoke or vape BUT second hand vaping is not like second hand smoke -- vaping is water vapor which evaporates quickly.
  3. A new bar manager at our country club switched to Pepsi ... but, it only lasted for a couple of days 'til COKE was back. Almost got him fired.
  4. Any day at your normal job would have been better than Costa Concordia!
  5. Do beware of the above. Fine to just stick your head under water for a couble of minutes ... BUT not for longer with the cheap ones.
  6. Gosh, if others expand your signature, they will see the you are VERY WELL CRUISED ... not new to cruising. Nothing has changed as far tipping goes in the past several years or even way back since you've been cruising on your many cruises. Enjoy your upcoming cruises and tip the same as you have in the past.
  7. No Problem! You can wear capris any night to the MDR ... including Elogant Night! Enjoy your cruise!
  8. That's the one we did and very much enjoyed the catamaran & lobster ... not the beach stops.
  9. We don't worry about the forks,etc. we use that others have used and have been cleaned. Nor do we worry about the snorkel gear that was used and cleaned by the operator. Long time cruising/snorkeling ... NO Problems!
  10. Our choice would be Princess. Princess has been offering Iceland, Norwegian, etc. cruises for a very long time .
  11. Probably as good decision for you at this point ... but do keep Princess in mind when you are planning a cruise outside of the Caribbean. Also, the Holidays and Spring Break cruises tend to have a younger crowd.
  12. Tea towels are my favorite. I wash them several times to get them solf and actually use them as dish towels. Happy memories when drying things!
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