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  1. Our concern is that with a fairly long drive south, we'll need a couple of stops, and leaving cases unattended in the car is a bit of a concern, especially as they won't all fit in the boot, so will be visible. Secondly, we're staying overnight in Southampton, and this will save us lugging cases in and out of the hotel. I agree with others about creasing - we did a trip a few years ago where we visited a couple of cities in the US, followed by a cruise out of New York. We had a separate case for the cruise leg which was packed before and left unopened until we were on the ship. We had no major issues with creasing, even my formal suit was fine., and that case had been on three separate flights and in and out of various cars, trains and hotels.
  2. Thanks to all for the replies. I'm also in the North and can probably live with up to a week in advance so sounds like I should be OK. I do like the idea of travelling light down to Southampton, and we're usually ready to pack early anyway.
  3. We're thinking of using the Baggage Handling Company for our forthcoming cruise. Can anyone advise how many days ahead of the cruise they typically pick up the luggage? Their website doesn't seem to provide this information, and they indicate the actual pick up is only confirmed nearer the departure date.
  4. I had issues with it last night, it was not available for several hours, same "we are preparing your holiday...." as mentioned before. I was trying to book our flight seats, along with those for friends on a separate booking. Access to their personaliser was also problematic. I finally got access on both accounts much later on, and fortunately managed to book our seats. I have sent a message to P&O who have got back to say they're investigating, so we shall see what they have to say...
  5. Has anyone any experience of booking flight seats for linked bookings? We're travelling with friends and have linked our cruise bookings, but does this means one of us will be able to book all the plane seats in one go? I'm rather hoping we don't have to resort to pot luck to we can get seats together if we have to book separately.
  6. I've often wondered (but never tried!!) if you could leave a heavy hand luggage bag with someone whilst you checked in, as the hand luggage checks often only happen at the check in desk. As an additional point, my hand luggage bags have always been checked for P&O charters, and I did witness a solo traveller checking in at Manchester for a Tui flight to Barbados last year having to re-arrange lots of items from hand luggage to check in bag and then, to add insult to injury, being charged excess baggage as the check in bags were then over whatever allowance they had.
  7. Just been digging around the P&O Q&A sections on luggage allowance for fly cruises, and noted the current page (link below) concerning the direct transfer of luggage to the ship says details of the system are NOT confirmed for the 2019 Mediterranean and 2019/20 Caribbean seasons. One of the nice benefits I find, but perhaps a potential victim of Brexit or has this always been confirmed closer to the season? https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/flights/baggage_transfer
  8. I note if you want to buy excess baggage allowance with Tui the P&O advice says to call 3-5 days before your flight. Has anyone managed to book extra baggage before this time? I like to be organised and this is a bit last minute for me!
  9. We booked this on the Britannia transatlantic last year, but due to VERY strong winds after leaving the Azores it had to be cancelled. Slight upside was that we got a refund and the offer to visit the bridge when things had settled down. Even just a visit to the bridge was fascinating, Capt Brown very informative and there's so much you don't realise just about this aspect. My favourite is that there's a backup bridge on board should disaster strike the main bridge. We also still got a free photo. I'm definitely going to try the full tour again next time!
  10. Fatchemist


    Look at this another way. We all agree that having adequate travel insurance is essential. However, travel insurers may refuse to cover some aspects of a claim if part of the cost could have been covered by the EHIC and you didn't have it with you. If you have suitable travel insurance (including cruises) and you find the EHIC is not valid then your travel insurance will cover you. For that reason, I'd always take it with me just in case.
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