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  1. Just off the Summit, and I would certainly put up with the smell of smoke over the smells of poop and even varnish. It was overwhelming at times, and certainly omnipresent walking next to the ship while docked in Bermuda. The two smoking areas I saw, port on deck TEN and port on deck FOUR certainly had a bonded group. They always seemed to be having fun and laughing.
  2. Don’t worry about a tip any more than you worry about the cashier at the local market. The cruise line has deemed it necessary to do this, whether you pre pay or pay daily, for YOUR convenience, for obvious reasons. Go enjoy your cruise.
  3. BTW, reading this thread, I see many posters confusing a dress code with dress restrictions. A dress code is for people to get an idea what they will find others wearing at an event, usually starting with what the majority will be found to be wearing. Dress restrictions is a list of items that are prohibited from wearing. How those restrictions are enforced vary from venue and ship and person in charge. Personally, if they are going to not enforce the shorts rule, I wish they would let us all know. I would LOvE to wear shorts all nights other than Chic.
  4. I saw zero enforcement of the MDR or even the cafe buffet. the prohibited items were right there on my dining card. Yet shorts were worn by many, and I even saw a ball cap. in the cafe, shirtless men walked about the food stations. The ONLY time I saw something enforced was for the sail away on the bow. It stated NO OPEN TOED SHOES, and they certainly were checking feet.
  5. They were selling lanyards on the pier in Bayonne at check in.
  6. 8171. And no. I’m not even sure that term would qualify anyway being it’s a pull out couch.
  7. Our other problem was night one, as my daughter was getting into her pull out bed, there was a bug on her sheets. Then we saw another. I captured the one but crushed the second, and then proceeded to the concierge desk. She then called someone and reported we had bed bugs. about an hour passed when someone showed up. He proceeded to tell me how bugs could have gotten into the room as the stewards open the door when cleaning. He then proceeded to “educate” me about bed bugs. I promptly told him I wasn’t interested in any of this knowledge, and that I never called them he’s bugs. He eventually sent someone up to change the sheets, and I asked that the main bed be checked for bugs as well. Not a good start to our first sleep on Celebrity. The good news was we never saw another bug again, except for the one I collected and sat in a glass all week. I was surprised the steward never took or replaced them.
  8. I was disappointed in our comedian. He was quite racist, and apparently didn’t know about the shooting in El Paso. I almost walked out, and wish I did.
  9. Found the portions in the MDR quite small, and was ordering multiple starters and entrees immediately. The waiters were happy to oblige.
  10. We just got off. somehow we knew about priority embarkation and lunch, but we chose not to go due to lack of selections. But we also found the OC inferior in quality that first day. It was actually over the top on the last.
  11. We just did our first Celebrity cruise to Bermuda. Anyway to get back there.
  12. I am curious as well. What are the base options, how many sit down meals are there per day, what are the alternatives, what can you order off the menu, how many things can you order off the menu, etc. the Celebrity website is pretty poor to offer any info. I ordered a brochure. I hope it comes soon.
  13. Celebrity novice here. What exactly is Luminae? where do people go to eat? are there three sit down meals offered a day? can you order multiple apps and entrees?
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