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  1. I apologize, I wasn't referring to NCL's insurance. I purchased mine through my travel agent and received money not credits.
  2. That’s misinformation. CFAR refunds you in money not cruise credits. You are penalized depending on how many days out from departure by NCL. Then you submit a claim and get 75( or 90%) of the difference.
  3. Escape(ta coming up for the second sail) Gem(loved the size) Dawn(great lounges)
  4. You will pay more on board l bid on a spa room. Lost and had to pay extra
  5. I agree the thermal suite is the best! The waterfront is a good quiet spot and if the weather is an issue hanging out in the lounge area by Cagney's during the day is great! I make it a priority to find some quiet time away on every cruise and this ship was amazingly easy to do so! Enjoy, we loved it and it seemed much less crowded than the Breakaway and we went north and didn't have the best weather.
  6. Very good perspective! Loved the pool/spa reference! Just twisted my back so I’ve really got my fingers crossed. Thanks
  7. Does it matter when the bid is placed? I received the email in August, but only placed the bid last week. Sailing on October 7th. I'm guessing my chances are slim to none. I bid from a balcony to a spa balcony or spa mini.
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